How to drive away the three major pollution killer

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The cleanliness of the kitchen is directly related to the health of the family. Many housewives think that cleaning the kitchen every day is very clean. In fact, they inadvertently ignore important and minor details. In addition to bacterial dirt, there are three "killers" in the kitchen: noise pollution, visual pollution and olfactory pollution. Next, let's see how Cohen Xiaobian solves them perfectly

first, noise pollutes the "enemy" of health.

the clanging sound of various seasoning bottles, dishes and cookers when they collide, the whistling sound of the range hood when it is running, the crackling sound of the cabinet door when it is closed... These annoying sounds in the kitchen will add to your anxiety when you cook

it has been proved by medicine that excessive noise pollution will lead to ear discomfort, tinnitus and earache; Damage to cardiovascular system; Distract and reduce work efficiency; It will cause nervous system dysfunction and affect vision

Xiaobian suggested that in order to minimize noise pollution, reasonable storage racks should be designed to place all kinds of bottles and cans; Install damping and sound-absorbing door mat; According to national regulations, the noise of the range hood should be controlled at 65 ~ 68 dB, so the product with the best of both suction and mute should be selected

second, visual pollution, mood "killer"

visual pollution mainly refers to the wrong color matching and light use that are harmful to the human body. Because the color temperature (light source color temperature) will cause some physiological changes in the human body, different people have different preferences for color. The ambry of middle-aged and elderly people should choose neutral or elegant tone

in kitchen decoration, in addition to considering color matching, attention should also be paid to the selection of lights. Many people think that if there is a lamp in the kitchen, it is enough to light it. According to the designer, in fact, the consequence of doing so is to form a lot of shadows in the kitchen, that is, the visual barrier area of backlight. This will affect the mood when cooking

editor's suggestion: it is best to install some auxiliary light sources in the kitchen to coordinate lighting. It is not suitable to use reflective materials with a large area in the decoration to avoid dizziness

third, olfactory pollution invisible "trap"

many gases in the kitchen will do some harm to human health, and no matter whether the leakage of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas will cause dangerous consequences, just the lampblack waste gas generated during cooking is quite harmful to the body

in addition to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particles, there are also organic substances such as acrolein and cycloaromatic hydrocarbons in the cooking fume. Acrolein will cause sore throat, dry eyes, fatigue and other symptoms; Excessive cycloaromatic hydrocarbons can cause cell mutations and induce cancer

nowadays, fashionable kitchen decoration mostly adopts open design, but the process of making Chinese food will produce more lampblack. In an open kitchen, the air flow range is large, and the range hood cannot collect and discharge the range hood well, which will cause the range hood exhaust gas pollution in the restaurant and living room

editor's suggestion: the first way to reduce lampblack pollution is to strengthen the exhaust and ventilation system in the kitchen, and the second is to try to change some cooking methods, less frying, and more use of microwave ovens and electric cookers to reduce the generation of open flames in the kitchen. To alleviate lampblack pollution in an open kitchen, a semi open partition can be added between the stove and the range hood, which can effectively collect the lampblack generated in the cooking process





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