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Decoration project boss lost contact migrant workers gathered in the hotel to ask for wages

Project boss "lost contact" workers asked for wages from the hotel

decoration company and the hotel had a contract dispute, and the labor inspection department intervened in the investigation news "the boss of the contracted project ran away in arrears, and we worked in this hotel, so we had to come here to ask for wages." Yesterday, a group of migrant workers gathered in front of the Huateng hotel in the north of the intersection of Zicai West Street and Xinhua Road. They said that the boss who contracted the hotel decoration project owed labor money "lost contact", so they went to the hotel to ask for money. The reporter learned from the investigation that there was an economic contract dispute between the decoration company and the hotel, which owed more than 1.4 million yuan to hundreds of workers. At present, the labor inspection department is investigating and handling

migrant workers gathered in the hotel to beg for wages

on December 30, after receiving the report, the reporter arrived at the scene. Twenty or thirty workers stood in front of the hotel with banners, on which were written slogans such as "return my hard-earned money". Mr. Zou, the foreman of a team, told the reporter that since March last year, Guangzhou Jiapin decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiapin company") has successively asked these workers to help Huateng Hotel decorate, and the decoration is ready to be completed. Due to contract disputes between the two sides, it was suspended in July this year. "At present, other construction workers have entered the hotel for decoration, and we still have more than 1.4 million yuan of wages to pay. The boss of Jiapin company can't find it, so we have to come to the hotel to ask for wages." "I came from Hunan the day before yesterday. I've been running for two days and still haven't got my salary. I really don't know what to do?" Mr. Chen said helplessly. The reporter found that several foremen had the ious of Jiapin company on their hands. The less teams were more than 20000 yuan, and the more teams were more than 400000 yuan, a total of more than 1.4 million yuan

the boss of the contracted decoration project "lost contact"

a staff member surnamed Ye of Jiapin company told the reporter that the project Department of their company in the hotel decoration has been removed, leaving him alone in Qinzhou, "I have not been paid for several months." The staff member said that in July, more than 85% of the project had been completed, but the hotel only paid more than 18 million yuan, and the boss of Jiapin company paid for materials, etc. without money for workers' wages, they stopped work. It resumed work in August for about a month, and stopped work due to financial problems. "Now, I can't get in touch with him even if I call him."

the reporter contacted Mr. Lu, the former project manager, who told the reporter that Jiapin company signed a contract with Huateng Hotel, including infrastructure and decoration projects, with a budget of more than 31 million yuan, which was later reduced to more than 28 million yuan. "After the decoration of some floors was completed, the hotel refused to pay for the project on the grounds of poor quality, poor workmanship and high price. The hotel did not sign for acceptance, nor did it ask for rectification. Later, it began to operate. Because there was no money for construction, the company had no money to spend wages, etc., the project was withdrawn." Mr. Lu said that he left the company in October, and he didn't know what happened later

the labor inspection department intervened in the investigation

Mr. Chen said that the hotel said that the workers had a labor relationship with Jiapin company, which had nothing to do with the hotel. The workers believed that "Jiapin company still has a deposit of more than 1 million yuan in the hotel, which is enough to pay the wages." The reporter learned that these workers began to beg for wages in front of the hotel on December 29, but failed

yesterday afternoon, the reporter dialed Mr. Yao, the boss of Jiapin company. He said that the company did owe the workers' wages, because the hotel defaulted on the project payment, and he had no money to pay the wages. "I proposed that as long as the hotel paid the workers' wages and more than 1 million materials, the rest of the project payment was ok, but the other party disagreed." Boss Yao said, "I don't dare to answer the workers' phone calls or go home now. I can only choose to escape."

at present, Qinzhou labor inspection detachment has been involved, and the incident is under further investigation and handling. (Morning Post reporter)





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