Build an antique home style with a time machine

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People are nostalgic and inevitably fall in love with classical design in the old era. The ancient elements can be used for old-fashioned treatment, and can also be used for reference to the traditional decorative style. In the current era of popular simplicity and postmodernism, some traditional aesthetic decorative elements should be introduced in time. These small changes can diversify the style, and at the same time, the unique temperament of traditional elements can be naturally integrated into the whole home

[Part1: nostalgic pop style exudes modern temperament]

when nostalgia meets pop unexpectedly, it conveys a spirit of humor and modernity. If you apply this spirit to the decoration of your room, you will show an unexpected new modern temperament

the antique sofa adopts classical style in detail decoration, and the decorative lines composed of small round copper nails are solemn but not boring. Graffiti style hanging pictures will attract attention at the first time and make people impressive. The leather sofa with clear texture, coupled with a pop style cushion, not only makes the temperament of the whole room calm, but also adds a touch of active atmosphere

the effect of copying old furniture is not necessarily good. A multi drawer cabinet with retro charm, a brightly colored background painting and a modern style dining table will make a better life without staleness. The furniture cabinet with aging effect adds a sense of history to make the whole style look more realistic

the telephone of the 1970s, the colors of the 1970s, and even the tea table of the 1970s are full of nostalgia. The embellishment of the bright yellow car cushion brings the whole room back to a relaxed and humorous atmosphere. Its bright colors and personalized collocation break the tension and seriousness of urban life and make the room look new




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