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May our Schneider Mann become better and better, and walk more and more brilliantly. May the people of the sieneman family be healthier and happier

interviewee: Nanjing dealer xuchunrong

reporter: Hello! Where is your dealer

president Xu: I'm a dealer from Nanjing sieneman

Reporter: when did you start to join Schneider Mann

president Xu: I came to Nanjing District in March 2013. Our first store was established in August, and our second store was established in January 2014

Reporter: what do you think is the difference between this dealer conference and the past

president Xu: speaking of differences, I think there are three main highlights. The first highlight is the establishment of our business door and window department; The second highlight is that we have joined more and more dealers, that is, the number of them has increased; The third highlight is that the company's policies have changed

Reporter: as an excellent dealer representative, can you share your business experience

President Xu: I want to say two points about my business experience. The first is that in view of the current marketing market, we are more about some pre marketing. It can be said that our service to customers is more reflected in the marketing front. Originally, we brought some resource flows of the store to our store to introduce our products. Now our marketing front is to put some of our services or ideas online, and give customers more services before and during their visits, that is, service front. The second point is that we pay more attention to the customer experience. In short, serving customers is our purpose

Reporter: Why did you choose Schneider Mann

president Xu: because the products of sieneman attracted me, and the culture of sieneman also deeply moved me, especially the pattern of chairman Xin, which I admire and like, so I joined sieneman

Reporter: finally, please send your blessing to the future development of Schneider Mann

president Xu: I wish our Schneider Mann better and better and more brilliant. May the people of the sieneman family be healthier and happier

Reporter: Thank you, president Xu





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