Collection of decoration effect drawings of Wolong

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Wolong ink lake is located on the Bank of ink Hunan, at the intersection of Jiangcheng Avenue and ink Hunan Road, with a total area of 530000 square meters. It is a real estate with a combination of high-rise, super high-rise and villa products in the style of French artdeco. Recently, Xiaobian received a private message from the owner of Wolong ink lake, hoping that Xiaobian could sort out several examples of different decoration effects of Wolong ink lake for reference. Now let's see if there's anything you like in Xiaobian

household type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: European and American style

decoration method: all inclusive

Design Description: the magnificent performance of space, noble European style is the best style, this case is no exception, but the special thing is that there is no space in the whole scheme to see the complex traditional European solid wood European carving, but it uses the patterns of marble itself, plus some manual trimming methods, But it can also express the gorgeous space and atmosphere incisively and vividly, showing the noble European style luxury

household type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: Modern and simple

decoration method: all inclusive

Design Description: the living room is a symbol of the owner's taste, there is no too much decoration on the sofa background wall, and the wall is warm latex paint plus simple decorative paintings. The theme of this case is simplicity. It is a post-90s story. The design keywords are: clean, elegant, simple, white, fashion. There is no main light in the living room, which makes people feel that their vision is relatively open. In the structural design of the space, the lighting is perfectly combined, and the TV wall adopts Jazz white marble to enhance the texture of the whole space





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