Weishi Danli smart home creates a smart living spa

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In 2019, we will pursue the ideal living space and feel the charm of scientific and technological development. Weishi Danli smart home will create a safe, convenient and comfortable living space for you

traditional home decoration can no longer meet people's longing for the future life, and the future home life is bound to move towards intelligence

Weishi Danli intelligent solution meets people's various smart home needs. 2019, for your own home, change it

living room

one key linkage whole house intelligence

guest restaurant as the first space to enter the house

intelligent decoration is the most important

multiple scenario mode settings

reception, leisure and other modes can be adjusted on demand

guest restaurant products one key linkage

mobile socket upgrades general appliances smart appliances

remote app one key control

ai robots are on standby

listen to music, set alarm clock Ask about the weather, etc.

say it

intelligent robot helps you complete


kitchen security and safety guarantee

family safety

kitchen is particularly important

there are many electrical appliances in the kitchen

water leakage and leakage events are very easy to induce danger

intelligent water leakage detector

prevent water leakage events at any time

kitchen gas needs to be used reasonably

once air leakage occurs

carbon monoxide or combustible gas leakage

the kitchen security system will immediately alarm

protect the life safety of family members


smart bedroom wakes up beautiful

the comfort of bedroom

determines the quality of your mood every day

switch the curtains regularly

create a good rest environment

wake up by the sun in the morning

go to sleep on time at night

maintain a high-quality life rule

bedroom lighting can also be controlled by mobile phones

it is controllable to lie under the quilt in winter Light switch

in sleep state

the curtain can be closed with one key

warm surrounding, Smart companion


one key temperature regulation smart bath

sore all over the work day

proper bathing not only relieves physical fatigue

but also reduces mental stress

smart bathtub one key drainage

hot bath at home

smart toilet close to open

constant temperature seat always warms your heart

multiple functions protect your gastrointestinal health

smart magic mirror reminds skin status every day

skin is always smooth and watery Moist and energetic

smart bathroom enjoy what you want

2019, pursue an ideal living space and feel the charm of scientific and technological development

vistanley smart home

create a safe, convenient and comfortable living space for you

vistanley, so that smart home is no longer mysterious





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