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In 2013, the enterprise was transformed into a keyword

editor: according to the current situation, the overall economic situation is insufficient, and the market opportunities and challenges coexist. Before the arrival of a new round of economic growth cycle, striving to be the one who is prepared has become the only choice for printing enterprises to break through the bottleneck and turn into butterflies. Although there is only one goal, the answer given by the printing enterprises is so colorful. Playing with e-commerce, fine management, cloning statues, changing packaging and other daring attempts make the printing industry full of vitality

interesting corrugated boxes

maybe many people outside the industry will think that printing and packaging is just processing. It must be boring technology and terminology, and they are also facing machines and materials, which is not interesting. People who hold this idea are very wrong. Nowadays, all kinds of personalized packaging with unique functions have been completely broken. Therefore, the research at home and abroad in recent years has gradually shifted from single fiber to hybrid fiber, which has changed people's old concept. Taking Coca Cola as an example, the success of its packaging products with such personality words as Kaoba, Baifu, Meigao, fushuai in the market is enough to prove this. Now, even the logistics packaging corrugated boxes have begun to play a transformation

Da Da packaging products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is such a magician. With its magic wand, it has transformed low-quality corrugated packaging products with yellow color and rough printing into various waterproof cartons with special functions that can raise small goldfish, anti-counterfeiting cartons with patterns, and anti rust cartons that can slowly release corrosion inhibitor gas, It is revealed that Dazhou packaging continues to strengthen the research and development of special cartons. Next, there are dozens of projects. Zhanghuizhong, chief engineer of Dazhou packaging, told us that they are currently tackling two major technologies. One is the coated cartons used on ocean ships to prevent the migration of harmful substances and heavy metals, as well as the preservation of vegetables, The other is the corrugated board used in the construction field. The future market opportunities of the two technologies are unlimited

it is not only necessary to make people have their own advantages without me, but also to make people have their own advantages without me. Zhanghuizhong said that this has always been the management concept of packaging. Technological innovation has become not only the driving force for the development of packaging, but also the subconscious of packaging people

the only newspaper can have

the newspaper market continues to shrink. Do you choose to sit back and wait for death, or integrate tradition with digital and fight back? I believe that many enterprise managers will think that the latter is the right move in the face of questions, but it is not so simple to do it practically. Funding is important, but how to choose when faced with the numerous crossroads of the digital road? Courage is essential to truly take this step. In particular, the personalized business model of the newspaper industry is rarely explored in China. Although there are many cases abroad, most of the domestic newspaper printing enterprises only focus on the traditional digital transformation of management and production technology. This makes the experience gained in the exploration of those newspaper printing enterprises who have the courage to take the first step more precious, even if it is trial and error experience

Shenzhen newspaper group Printing Co., Ltd. has entered a new stage of rapid development in the exploration of personalized newspapers. As an important part of high technology, biomedical materials have taken the lead in the industry. The embedded integrated variable printing system developed by the company can make each newspaper unique. The advertisements in newspapers in different urban areas of the same city are different. The lottery numbers in each newspaper are unique. The newspapers on the same day are printed differently at different times. It can even provide advertisers with delimited advertising scope. According to lixueyue, deputy general manager, in less than a year, This technology has increased the advertising revenue of Shenzhen newspaper printing by 20million yuan

it is the original intention of Shenzhen newspaper printing Co., Ltd. to use innovative technology to feed back the shrinkage of the newspaper industry. It reminds me of what Ji Shulong, the general manager of Shenzhen newspaper printing Co., Ltd., said in an interview: I think that if something in this field is put in another field, it belongs to innovation. Shenzhen newspaper printing is creating the beauty of cross-border integration

electronic products are printed

in the period of industrial transformation and upgrading, relying on new technologies to find a blue ocean in the market has become a way for some enterprises to break through. In 2013, functional materials printing electronics frequently appeared in major industry gatherings, becoming a hot new topic, allowing enterprises buried in traditional printing materials such as paper to think about this new growth opportunity of printing. It can be said that printing electronics has extended the concept and field of printing

traditional printing focuses on printing books and newspapers, but from the perspective of industry, printing is a very efficient surface patterning method. Using different inks to print on different substrates can expand the application range of printing. Professor songyanlin, director of the Key Laboratory of green printing, Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said. Under his leadership, Beijing zhongkonaton Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will combine the patented technology of self-developed nano conductive materials with advanced printing electronic technology to produce efficient and environmentally friendly printed circuit products

it is reported that in terms of green electronic ticket cards, China konaton has applied cases such as subway tickets and tickets for the national science and technology week. Compared with traditional electronic tickets, the ticket card materials and production process made by nanotechnology are environmentally friendly, which can not only be environmentally friendly, but also recycle paper and silver through post-treatment equipment. Conductive touch screen 1 right angle tearing technical assessment basically passed; In the aspect of LED circuit printing, it can be printed directly on the aluminum substrate through nanotechnology without damaging the substrate

in the future, China konaton's nano electronic materials and green printed circuit products can help China IOT, mobile Internet, led and other industry customers achieve leapfrog development

create e-commerce playing personality

this year's double 11, Taobao's one-day trading volume of 35billion yuan once again showed people the reason and value of e-commerce. At present, the printing industry is also in this wave. The business model of mouse + printing factory has become an important supplement to traditional printing

Shengyuan Printing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hangzhou newspaper group Shengyuan Printing Co., Ltd., has an early and steady development. Shengyuan has successively set up chain stores in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing and other major cities. The service system of offline experience and online customization adds a lot of color to Shengyuan seal image

at present, Shengyuan seal has two platforms. One is SPI Shengyuan image printing station, which is located in B2B and B2B2C. Its cooperative customers include image printing retail stores, photo studios, photo galleries and other professional image retail channels. In 2013, Shengyuan opened a new network platform oriented at B2C, and this kind of phenomenon has been common and has been applied online

at present, the personalized customization business is still in the growth stage. How to ensure the stable development of the business during the investment period is a problem for enterprises to consider. Zhangshaoheng, general manager of Shengyuan printing, believes that in addition to self built platforms, online trading networks can be further expanded through cooperation with tmall and JD mall. Zhangshaoheng said that asking the software design company to customize the software system for Shengyuan seal image can not only improve the service level, but also avoid excessive human investment

digital printing can support a service platform for business access and proofing. It has the characteristics of convenient and efficient network type business, and can also bring a large number of subsequent printing and processing businesses to enterprises. The next step is to promote users through offline activities and build Shengyuan seal image into a national brand. Zhangshaoheng said

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