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The 2013 Asia Pacific Customer Service Center leadership forum was successfully concluded

on February 27, 2013 and March 1, 2013, the three-day 2013 Asia Pacific Customer Service Center leadership forum "inspiration, motivation and innovative thinking" was hosted by the Hong Kong Customer Service Center Association CCA and co organized by the Shenzhen Call Center Industry Association. It was grandly held at the Novotel East Mart Hotel in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Kau Sai Chau Tung jockey club public golf course, The summit attracted more than 200 excellent enterprises from around the world and the Asia Pacific region. The Shenzhen call center industry association also led more than 50 well-known call center enterprise leaders in the industry to attend. The forum invited a number of executives from the world's top 500 enterprises to share new management concepts and innovative customer interaction methods

on February 27, the Shenzhen delegation visited the two excellent call centers of Hong Kong Singapore Star, which also has obvious advantages in anti-aging performance, namely, the exhibition bank and the Hongkong Electric Company. China is a large agricultural country. The two units showed us their unique enterprise culture, enterprise architecture and intelligent CRM management system, and also shared their experience in the operation and management of customer service centers and complaint handling skills; During the exchange, the visiting representatives raised hot issues such as on-site management, customer maintenance, CRM operating system application, etc. to the enterprises, and they had a heated discussion on how to further improve customer satisfaction. Then the delegation followed the person in charge of the enterprise to visit the telephone service room of the customer service center, the staff rest area and the corporate culture wall. Every place on the work site made everyone deeply feel the humanized care of excellent enterprises for front-line employees and the rich team culture construction

on February 28, the 2013 Asia Pacific Customer Service Center leadership forum held by the Hong Kong Customer Center Association at Novotel Oriental City Hotel in Hong Kong attracted about 200 industry peers and experts from the United States, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and other places to attend. First, Ms. Claudia Schlesinger, chairman of the Hong Kong Customer Center Association, delivered an opening speech on the topic of how to carry out marketing. Then, senior executives of outstanding call enterprises such as HSBC, Hong Kong mobile communications, Hong Kong Disney and Singapore Telecom shared the new outbound call management concept, how to improve the overall sales capacity through the customer service center, how to create new sales opportunities in, how to use different sales channels to tap potential customers How to track customer data through the office automation system, improve customer information and other innovative ideas. At the same time, Ms. Hilda Chan, executive vice president of Hong Kong mobile communications, also showed how their company's management could come to the front line to listen to the voice of customers, respond quickly to different customer needs in a timely manner, properly handle the demands of customers, and effectively improve customer satisfaction. In addition to excellent enterprises sharing their excellent management experience, the guests also shared their own marketing cases in life since Antwerp chemical plant is their second largest production base, which is vivid and interesting, and also made the industry colleagues present feel the same and benefit a lot

after the two-day visit and meeting, the Hong Kong Association arranged another day of relaxed and pleasant exchange activities for the participants at the Jiaoxi Chau Jockey Club Public Golf Course on March 1. Manager Ms. Elsa so of pizza hut Hong Kong and manager Mr. Sam Tsien of American Express shared the service concept and marketing management mode of the enterprise for everyone. At the same time, they discussed topics such as the hearing health, voice health and environmental health of enterprise employees. Finally, the Hong Kong Association also specially arranged a golf social interaction session with golf club members to promote communication and exchange between everyone through the game exchange

after the meeting, many people said that the visit and exchange activities were compact, full of harvest, and not enough. Some enterprise leaders also specially wrote the visit experience. The close communication and interaction between the Shenzhen call center industry and leaders of some excellent enterprises in the Asia Pacific region not only broadened their horizons, but also increased their knowledge, and played a positive role in improving the management level of the enterprise call center and promoting the development of the Shenzhen call center industry

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