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On the afternoon of June 27, the 2012 Social Enterprise Industry Summit hosted by 800 guests kicked off at Novotel Shanghai, where senior executives from enterprises, Yueguo industry, Tianrun RONGTONG and other enterprises gathered with more than 100 participating enterprises to have a wonderful and heated discussion on enterprise information management in the social media era

this summit is not only a commemoration and Prospect of the eighth anniversary of the founding of 800 customers, but also a thank you to new and old enterprise users who use 800 customers' products, but also a professional discussion on the development mode and role of social enterprises in the current cloud computing era. Wangtianyang, senior consultant of d1net enterprise (former SAP global vice president), delivered a wonderful speech on the current situation and future trend of social enterprise development. Li Miao, vice president of 800 guest, reviewed the development of 800 guest in the past eight years with guests present, analyzed the functions of new products of social enterprises on the theme of building a bridge for corporate communication, and shared with you the company's next development strategy. Xujiong, deputy general manager of Shanghai Yueguo industry, and qianbin, general manager of Tianrun RONGTONG Shanghai Branch, also gave wonderful explanations on the practical application of enterprise socialization and hot issues concerned in the industry

new strategy: launch industry segmentation information solutions

from Internet to cloud computing, from CRM to social enterprises, 800 customers have unconsciously gone through eight years. These eight years have not only witnessed the growth of 800 customers, but also epitomized the development history of SaaS in China. As the No. 1 brand of CRM in China, 800 customers have been following the trend of the times and launching the latest products based on the needs of users. The simple words of serving enterprises and satisfying users bear the commitment and trust of 800 customers to users over the years. Li Miao, vice president of 800 guest, reviewed the development of 800 guest and made a wonderful analysis of social enterprises

at present, corporate social networking is hot. Microsoft, IBM, salesforce, Oracle and other international software giants have started social transformation. Yesterday, Microsoft officially announced the acquisition of yammer, a corporate social networking manufacturer, at a price of $1.2 billion, which further stimulated the development of the social market. As the pioneer of cloud computing applications, 800 customers have been committed to the R & D and application of social networking since 2008. In 2012, social enterprise products were comprehensively upgraded, and the number of users successfully exceeded 90000

social enterprise is the first and most powerful corporate social network in China. Based on cloud computing 2.0 technology, it integrates enterprise microblog, instant messaging tools, OA, CRM and other enterprise software. In the platform, employees can communicate, transfer documents, view information and submit for approval. It is a new generation of enterprise social management platform that completely replaces the traditional OA. In 2012, the report released by Jishi information showed that the social enterprises with 800 customers ranked first with a market share of 29.8%

president Li Miao also shared with you the company's future development strategy. Next, 800 customers will complete the transformation of providing information application solutions based on enterprise model management. During this process, 800 customers' meeting will summarize and refine the different management modes of different sub industries and the application requirements of information solutions under each management mode for each sub industry. On this basis, dozens of information solutions for sub industries will be generated, covering low-end, middle-end and high-end enterprises of different sizes. 800 customers sincerely hope to help all enterprises build sustainable profitability through professional and comprehensive information solutions, and constantly innovate and upgrade management models

Yueguo industry: CRM helps to improve sales performance

crm is very important for enterprises. Without customer relationship management, enterprises will pay a high price. For example, customers will be lost due to poor service, they will lack enough insight to make wise marketing decisions, and they will blindly over invest in areas without any results. Said xujiong, deputy general manager of Shanghai Yueguo industry

president Xu said that the 800app system covers product information, customer information, inventory, samples, trapezoidal arrangement of two main light bars, delivery, return, transfer order, warehousing, suppliers, accounts receivable, sales commission, etc., which improves the comprehensive management ability of the enterprise. In addition, we can enter detailed information about customers in the system. When we are marketing, we will call out targeted target customers from the system for sales, which greatly improves the success rate of orders and doubles our sales. In addition, the flexible and easy-to-operate report function of 800app system also provides a strong data basis for enterprise development decisions

Tianrun RONGTONG: the value of call center cloud service is increasingly prominent

this is a fast-growing industry, but the business model has been very clear. Qianbin, general manager of Tianrun RONGTONG Shanghai Branch, said

president Qian said that with the development of the company's business and the gradual maturity of the market cultivation, it also began to gain the favor of major customers in the industry who bought thousands of seats at one time. President Qian also talked about the strategic cooperation with 800 customers. In the information age, the working mode of enterprises is changing, and the traditional call center is facing multiple challenges. The call center integrated into 800 customer CRM pays more attention to the value and status management of customers in the process of contact. Among various organizations, CRM call center integration is gradually developing into a core department to maintain customer relations, establish new business channels and value centers. 800 Gong angstron Materials Co., Ltd. plans to expand the capacity of graphene not only for enterprises, but also for large retailers and coffee shops to provide salads and 3 Meiji packaging containers

finally, the summit came to a perfect end in the warm discussion and laughter on the spot. Nowadays, with the development of cloud computing and the arrival of the era of social networking, only by embracing business networking and walking in the cloud can enterprises transform and upgrade and become more competitive. The 2012 social enterprise industry summit in Shanghai is a bright sword, which indicates that the social transformation of enterprises is accelerating

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