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China bakery show 2013 (cbbe2013) is poised to start. On January 10, 2013, Shenzhen, known as an international fashion city and a mirage in China, welcomed a grand event in China's bakery industry. The 2012 China bakery annual meeting held by China Bakery Industry Association kicked off in Shenzhen liukeyuan Xidian Cake Bakery training school, which opened the prelude for China Bakery Industry Association to rush to a new height of China's bakery strategic development

the conference was presided over by Miss luojiali, member Journal Department of China Bakery Industry Association and editor in chief of China bakery magazine. It is healthy, safe and win-win. The 2012 China bakery annual conference gathered many elites in the industry for the annual conference of bakery industry development. Promote the prosperity of China's baking industry in the environment of advocating a safe and healthy baking diet culture, strengthening extensive exchanges in China's baking industry and achieving harmonious development

industry experts, well-known economists, marketing experts and representatives of national excellent cake shop enterprises were specially invited to the annual meeting to discuss the achievements of the baking industry in 2012 and the development situation of the industry in 2013. Liukeyuan, executive vice president of China Bakery Industry Association, said in his speech at the 2012 China bakery annual meeting that this is a gathering of friends from all walks of life in the bakery industry and its surrounding fields. What we need to do is to point out the direction for the development of China's baking industry. The enthusiasm of the 10th China International Bakery Exhibition held at the China International Exhibition Center (old hall) in Beijing from April 7 to 9, 2013 continued to rise, reflecting the continuous rise in the prosperity of the bakery industry. The latest data confirmed this view: in 2012, the total output value of bakery food manufacturing in China was 81.769 billion yuan, with a cumulative growth rate of 23.62%; The export value is 1.542 billion yuan, with a cumulative growth rate of 17.59%. China's baking industry is showing explosive growth

China International Bakery Exhibition (CBBE) is held once a year in Beijing. After nearly ten years of continuous development, it has become one of the top exhibitions in China's bakery industry. Build a high-end platform for exhibition, communication and exchange of China's baking industry

three dimensional presentation of super lineup

at the 2012 China baking annual conference, a strong lineup composed of representatives from various fields of China's baking industry shared a number of topics of great concern in the industry, such as 2011 industry development data analysis, national food policy development direction, baking industry application standards and food safety, and baking enterprise brand upgrading, management upgrading, product health upgrading, etc

the 2013 China bakery expert technology Invitational Competition organized by China bakery Association and the selection and commendation activities of 2013 China's top 10 bakeries and star bakeries were held at the same time. It is expected to become an annual indicator event of China's bakery pastry industry; Some leading enterprises in the food packaging exhibition group organized by the International Packaging Association have signed up for the exhibition, and the China food packaging safety forum related to food packaging is under planning

in recent years, with the rapid economic development, the acceleration of urbanization and the deepening of the construction of a well-off society in an all-round way, people's living standards have been significantly improved, and their lifestyle and consumption structure have changed significantly. While people are satisfied with food and clothing, they are gradually increasing their travel and leisure activities. It is expected that they will be put into production in the second half of 2017 and begin to pursue a healthy and fashionable diet. The change of national consumption mode has brought unprecedented opportunities for the rapid development of bakery industry. Bakery food has become more and more popular with consumers because of its easy to carry, convenient and fashionable characteristics. Especially in recent years, foreign baking brand enterprises have increased their investment in China and are optimistic about the Chinese market. Joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises have developed rapidly. Such as biscuits, pastries, bread and other industries, showing a momentum of rapid growth

rapid development of baking industry

at present, thanks to the strong domestic demand for baking products, China's baking industry is showing a good trend of healthy, rapid and sustainable development. The industry scale continues to increase. 1. The material response is expanding, and the enterprise is developing rapidly. Under the premise of the price rise of food raw and auxiliary materials, the scale benefit is still rapidly improved. According to the data of China's industry research, in 2011, China's biscuit and other baked food manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size achieved a main business income of 113.46 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 39.16%; The total profit reached 9.14 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 49.82%; In 2012, the sales output value of the national baking food manufacturing industry was 41.857 billion yuan, an increase of 9.085 billion yuan over the same period in 2011. Now we have expanded it to a larger scale that is expected to be used in the market by 30.64%; Its sales value accounted for 12.05% of the monthly sales value of the food manufacturing industry, an increase of 0.49% over the same period in 2011; In 2012, the sales output value of the national baked food manufacturing industry was 55.446 billion yuan, an increase of 11.095 billion yuan compared with 201 due to the particularity of the use of cable combustion experimental machine fixture in the same period of one year, a year-on-year increase of 27.37%; Its sales value accounts for 12% of the monthly sales value of food manufacturing industry

with the in-depth practice of baking enterprises on the concept of technological exchange and technological innovation, baking products have become more diversified, and the product quality, health and safety of enterprises have been significantly improved; At the same time, the investment proportion of the benefits for enterprises to expand reproduction has also been greatly increased, which has promoted the development of enterprises and effectively promoted the development of the industry

Chinese people have a tradition of baking pasta since ancient times. With the continuous exchange of the world's latest baking technologies, China's huge baking consumer market is gradually maturing. The broad space of China's baking food market will bring opportunities for the further development of China's baking industry. At the same time, International Baking brands in Europe, America and Japan continue to increase investment in the Chinese market, and local baking brands will also face severe challenges

differentiated operation is the development trend

in the whole baking industry, the current rapidly developing product structure of Western pastry is still based on the imitation of imported western pastry products. Although the technical services provided by producers and distributors of food raw and auxiliary materials have promoted the technical popularization of Chinese pastry baking products, they also show homogeneous industrial competition from another perspective. The overall technical innovation of local pastry baking brands needs to be further improved. At the same time, facing the competitive situation of homogeneous and low-cost products, differentiated operation will become the development trend of China's baking industry in the next few years. Production differentiation competition is not only reflected in the innovation of product technology itself, but also in the innovation concept of product positioning at the beginning

in Europe, America, Japan and other countries with mature traditional baking industry, people's eating habits take bread and dessert as their daily staple food. In Germany and France alone, every three families have a Baker to serve. Cultural background, customs and lifestyles determine that baked goods firmly occupy the mainstream position in daily diet, which also makes the baking industry form a huge industrial chain in western developed countries

China has many ethnic groups, and the customs of the north, South, East and West are very different. The traditional Chinese baking products in the South and North also have a long history and huge product styles. Of course, the differences are also very large. More and more people in the industry are beginning to realize the market prospect of Chinese dim sum. The popular daoxiangcun brand in Beijing is a very successful local case. Only as far as Chinese consumers like moon cakes, there are popular cantonese moon cakes in the South; Beijing moon cake in Beijing, Shenchi moon cake in Shanxi, crystal moon cake in Xi'an, sesame oil moon cake in Hebei, northeast moon cake in Northeast, laoyezi moon cake in Ningxia, mixed sugar moon cake in Inner Mongolia, crystal spicy moon cake in Chongqing, etc

due to the different lifestyles and consumption demands of Chinese people, the traditional Chinese baking product market has shown a diversified pattern. The demand and voice for local products and the quintessence products of local nationalities are growing stronger and stronger. Fried dough twist, moon cakes, Chinese cakes, steamed bread slices, cakes, Sakima, rice products, hops bread, Chinese local bread, baked cakes, crisp cakes, steamed bread, dumplings, noodles and other local flavors will increasingly appear in the baking industry in the form of breakfast, health care and leisure

baking industry extends to consumers

at present, another development trend of baking industry is to extend to individual consumers. More and more individual consumers make personalized baking products at home to meet the consumption needs of families. It is reflected in the continuous hot sales of household baking raw materials, auxiliary materials, baking tools, baking appliances and other products at the market level

the consumption patterns and habits of Chinese young people are increasingly in line with international standards, and baking has become a trend advocated by young consumers. Baking requires exquisite emotion and professional skills, and also requires rich imagination and extraordinary creativity. This is in line with the characteristics of many young consumers. They don't like to be bound and don't stick to the rules of life. They have their own unique ideas. They express romance with baking and express happiness and happiness with delicious food

nowadays, Moon Cake DIY and pastry DIY have gradually entered the families of many urban consumers. Soft cakes, rich tiramisu, sweet egg tarts, etc. These pastries, which were previously available in cake shops, can now be easily made at home. Baking has become a new choice for many urban white-collar workers or housewives to relax in their spare time

in some high-end office buildings, more and more white-collar workers share their baking achievements, exchange baking secrets, and buy baking tools and raw materials in groups. Various baking classes are becoming more and more popular, and more and more people begin to join the baking ranks. Fashion, health, fun and sense of achievement have become the goals of DIY for urban white-collar workers

more and more people have joined the baking consumer group, and a huge personal baking market is emerging. The markets of baking raw materials, baking tools, baking appliances and so on have begun to grow. Therefore, we can predict that China's baking industry will no longer be an independent manufacturing industry, but will gradually develop into a baking industry chain similar to mature markets such as Europe, America and Japan, integrating with agriculture and animal husbandry, and extending to individual consumers. Form a complete cross industry industrial chain

summary of the annual meeting

2012 China bakery annual meeting is an important step for China Bakery Industry Association to create industry opportunities, promote harmonious development, and achieve overall win-win results for China's bakery industry

under the guidance of China Bakery Industry Association and the joint efforts of national bakery enterprises, the future Chinese bakery industry will open up a more brilliant future

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