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2013 Dongguan's import and export of traditional industries such as digital paper lag behind

import and export indicators are the wind vane of Dongguan's export-oriented economy. A year ago, Dongguan released a customs statistical data. In 2013, the total import and export value of Dongguan was 1530 US $700million, an increase of 5% over 2012 9%: when necessary, if the total value of imports and exports can reach a record high. From a big perspective, it is gratifying that Dongguan's total import and export volume reached a new high. However, looking at the figures of the past five years, it can be found that after the financial storm, the total import and export value fell by 17% in 2009, the growth rate of the total import and export value has narrowed year by year in the four years after the decline and recovery, reaching 5% this year The figure of 9% reached a new low

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the growth rate of Dongguan's total import and export value: 5% in 2013 9%, increased by 6 in 2012 8%, 11.2% in 2011 and 28% in 2010 8%, decreased by 17 in 2009 0%

in fact, in the statistics of the first three quarters of 2013, Dongguan was not satisfied with the import and export figures at that time and did not achieve the expected goal. In addition to comparing with Dongguan itself, the growth rate of Dongguan's import and export value last year was 7. 5% compared with that of the whole country Even 5% of more new media and 10.9% of Guangdong Province are far behind. Nevertheless, after Dongguan slowed down its growth rate, its scale remained there, accounting for 3.7% of the country's total foreign trade value in the same period

according to the analysis of Huangpu Customs, among the major foreign trade cities, Dongguan's import and export scale ranks fifth in China and second in Guangdong Province. Among the top five major foreign trade cities, Dongguan's foreign trade growth rate is second only to Shenzhen, faster than Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou; In Guangdong Province, Dongguan's total foreign trade value continued to rank second after Shenzhen

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it can be seen from the situation of Dongguan's main export commodities in 2013 that textile yarn, fabrics and products, as well as footwear rarely showed negative growth, and the negative growth value of the former even reached 8 6%。 In contrast, the export of high - tech products increased by 336 USD 100million, 13 The growth rate of 1% stands out

who is holding back Dongguan's import and export figures? Gonganmin, chairman of Dongguan Hong'an animation toy company, felt deeply that last year was the ice age of the toy industry, and the profits were only cold. The order sales were OK, but the export volume of more traditional industries among the eight pillar industries, such as papermaking and clothing, suffered a more obvious decline

the import and export of processing trade in Dongguan still accounts for more than 70%, and the import and export of general trade grows rapidly. In 2013, Dongguan imported and exported US $112.09 billion in processing trade for non segregated experimental machines, an increase of 3.3%, accounting for 73.2% of Dongguan's total foreign trade import and export value in the same period. The customs further disclosed that the export of Dongguan's high-tech products to ASEAN, Africa, South America and other emerging markets increased by 16.3%, higher than the provincial and national average. This is an era with greater Matthew effect. The traditional manufacturing industry without technological upgrading has encountered unprecedented challenges

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according to the analysis of Huangpu Customs, in 2013, Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, the European Union, ASEAN and South Korea continued to rank among the top six trading partners of Dongguan, with a cumulative import and export of 1115 to the above six US $800million, accounting for 72 9%。

what are the import and export prospects of Dongguan in the coming year? The key depends on the major trading partners

although the European Union and Japan, the old friends of Dongguan people, experienced negative growth, and the U.S. market also grew at a sluggish rate of 2.9%, it is noteworthy that Hong Kong, as the largest export market in Dongguan, exported 262 goods last year US $400million, an increase of 16.6%, accounting for 28.9% of the total exports of Dongguan in the same period; Taiwan province continued to rank first among the import sources, with a cumulative import of US $10.34 billion, an increase of 8.7%, accounting for 16.6% of the total foreign trade import of Dongguan in the same period. Next, consolidating good friends and developing new friends will also be the homework that Dongguan needs to do well

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