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On May 29, 2013, the 2013 CNPC Siemens strategic cooperation high level forum was held in Beijing. The theme of this forum is innovation and sustainable development. The participants had in-depth exchanges and discussions on this issue

yubaocai, deputy general manager and member of the Party group of CNPC, and dufeiran, member of the Executive Board of Siemens AG and general manager of supply chain management attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech. During the forum, Guangdong petrochemical, Yunnan petrochemical, jichai power plant and Kunlun engineering company signed framework cooperation agreements with Sandvik saf 2707 HD straight pipe and U-pipe Siemens respectively

in his speech, Yu Baocai reviewed the progressive strategic cooperation between PetroChina and Siemens in recent years, and analyzed the important economic, political, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate, parameter power loss memory and society shouldered by PetroChina, as the largest oil and gas production and supply enterprise in China, in the critical period of realizing the Chinese dream, building a beautiful China and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, The innovation theme of the forum is explained in combination with the future development goals of PetroChina, and the future strategic cooperation prospects of the two sides for the high and low temperature experiment 1 generally due to the limited travel of the experimental machine (the travel of the experimental machine when installing the standard fixture) are prospected from four aspects. He suggested that in future strategic cooperation, both sides should strengthen the construction and audit of quality system, enhance the predictability of behavior, strengthen all-round cooperation in standardization, informatization, management and technology, and pay more attention to the sustainable innovation ability, overall level of human resources and corporate culture of the enterprise

dufeiran said that the current mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation between PetroChina and Siemens has gradually become a reality with a solid foundation for cooperation from the original idea. After analyzing the challenges faced by global enterprises in the post crisis era, she pointed out that the way out to overcome the crisis lies in sustainable development. This is the real competitiveness of an enterprise. To achieve this goal, enterprises should cooperate with each other, rather than fight alone

representatives of the two sides also delivered speeches on such topics as technological innovation and integrated application, and strengthening cooperation between the two sides in the field of equipment manufacturing. Representatives of CNPC senior managers' training delegation to Siemens in Germany shared their training experience in Germany

more than 100 people, including relevant departments of CNPC, professional branches and some affiliated enterprises, as well as Siemens Germany, Siemens Northeast Asia and Siemens China, attended the forum

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