The hottest 2012 Xiamen International Marathon fou

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At the 2012 Xiamen International Marathon, the competition of Sixin communication was

at the Xiamen marathon race track, the crowd gathered with

colored balls, banners and people who must ensure that the pressure of the accumulator is in normal working state, and the songs, drums and shouts were filled with

although spring is a season of hope,

let us write our passion and dreams

not afraid of cold, difficulties and distant goals,

just to challenge yourself, prove yourself at 3.3.1 strength level and set new records

a gunshot was fired into the air, and the

colorful colored balls floated from the track

ten thousand people are racing forward on the runway,

striding across the starting point to the goal

the goal lies in the process,

work hard and happily to save energy

we are united and encourage each other with one heart,

sweat and persevere to the end

we know that this is a kind of pursuit,

a kind of pursuit of transcending oneself

this is a belief.

we firmly believe that we can only have it through hard work.

leave no regrets and abandon laments

across the end, across the end,

we shout in our hearts

hard work, dare to surpass,

proves the brilliance of youth

a heavy medal,

is the most brilliant aura

feeling at this moment:

shining pearl on the sea of Heron Island,

competitive style in the four letter competition

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