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The 2013 China data center industry development conference will be held soon

the 2013 China data center industry development and IDC product exhibition and resource negotiation conference hosted by China data center industry development alliance and organized by China IDC industry alliance and Beijing Sanda economic and technological cooperation and development center will be grandly held in Beijing Marriott Hotel on April 25, 2013. At present, the preparation for the conference is progressing smoothly and has entered the registration stage

it is understood that the theme of this meeting is the new era of innovative services for data centers with low thermal conductivity, which will involve the construction of data centers to meet the needs of cloud computing and big data applications; IDC, EDC and other data center operators' service innovation; Selection of operation service providers; The latest breakthrough of data center; Transformation of traditional construction ideas of data center; Thinking of data center construction. This meeting will focus on the presentation and introduction of the latest technical products such as HVDC, modular UPS, solar energy, freecooling, water/ice storage, 40g/100g, ipdu container data center, etc., to control pue; The 2n system + multi insurance of diesel power generation has repeatedly failed, and the operation and maintenance management of Zibo City with a GDP of 211.9 billion yuan has been discussed in depth

as the most influential brand of China data center industry development alliance, this conference has been held for the third time in a row and has a wide influence among data center operating enterprises, solution providers and end users. The conference will join hands with international organizations such as the European Data Center Industry Alliance (eudca) and greengrid, as well as from Chinatelecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and many independent third-party operating units and mainstream industry users, and invite a number of experts to give speeches. The three major operators and idc/edc service providers participated in the activity throughout the whole process, showing the latest innovative business services and sharing the experience and experience of data center market operation

this conference has a special session for the construction of government data center bases. Government high-tech industrial parks from more than 20 places across the country will conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges around the construction of smart parks, service modes and commercial formats. At this meeting, all the expert members of the six professional committees of investment and financing, market operation, user service, green energy conservation, cloud computing, construction, operation and maintenance under the data center industry development alliance attended the keynote speech. At this meeting, China data center industry development alliance will also establish the 7th expert Committee big data expert committee. At that time, the Establishment Ceremony of the big data expert committee will be held at the same time, Formal external meeting. At this meeting, the application guide of container data center will also meet with users, and special lectures and exchanges will be arranged

the organizing committee said that the conference will focus on cloud computing, big data, smart parks, containerized data centers, green energy conservation and other topics to solve practical problems in construction and operation for end users. For more meeting details, please log in

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