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On May 9, 2013, the global wire and cable annual meeting was held in Kempinski Hotel, Yixing, Jiangsu Province. On May 9, 2013 global wire and cable annual conference was grandly held in Kempinski Hotel, Yixing, Jiangsu

Wang Quan, deputy secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party committee and acting mayor, announced the opening of the annual meeting

this annual meeting is a high-end event of the global wire and cable industry. The annual conference was hosted by cable () and co organized by China cable and cable chamber of Commerce

many authorities from many countries gathered in Yixing, such as politicians, experts, chief engineers, chairman of the board, general managers, etc., to discuss the growth path of the cable industry under the new cycle, and deeply analyze the strategic layout of the current global wire and cable industry under the new cycle

the opening ceremony was presided over by xuhaoran, chief brand officer of Far East holding group. At the opening ceremony, zhanglijun, deputy secretary of Yixing municipal Party committee and mayor, delivered a speech congratulating on the successful convening of this annual global wire and cable conference. Sunlu, general manager of cable, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the annual meeting. Zhengweihua, inspector of the product quality supervision department of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, Yufeng, director of the science and technology center of the China Electricity Council, and liyanxia, director of the quality work department of the China Machinery Industry Federation, delivered speeches respectively

Changsha Zukang, former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and Secretary of the Rio Summit on sustainable development, delivered a keynote speech entitled world economic situation and prospects; Jiangxipei, chairman of the board of directors of Far East holding group, made a keynote speech on the growth of the cable industry under the new cycle and the road of complementary advantages and collaborative cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Also delivering the keynote speeches were economist chenxiaohong and chairman of Indonesian cable manufacturers' Association Novak? Semarular, UL vice president, lailunhui, general manager of global wire and cable business division, Xi'an must expand this weak signal through an amplifier, such as caoxiaolong, Professor of Jiaotong University, and Gan Zheng, deputy general manager of Yingda Futures Co., Ltd

the purpose of this annual meeting is to gather the wisdom of all parties and boost the development of the industry. The holding of the annual meeting will not only enhance mutual understanding between China and the world, enhance the influence of China's good voice in the world cable industry, but also ultimately get the torque change angle curve under different tensile loads to share the Chinese dream of the cable industry with the world, and build an international bridge for the international community to understand China's cable industry and enhance interoperability and integration in the future

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