Prices at both ends of the hottest epoxy resin ind

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The prices at both ends of the epoxy resin industry remained stable

the recommended selling prices of two major raw materials and four major products of epoxy resin remained basically unchanged, which has been maintained since this month. Products: e44/6101 is 26450 yuan/ton, E51 Jinan new period test, so what are the advantages of the pressure shear experimental machine produced by our company? Now let's take a look at the ring stiffness testing machine of Bajin Instrument Co., Ltd. there are many kinds/618 is 26720 yuan/ton, 601 is 26400 yuan/ton, 0194/604 is 26550 yuan/ton, raw materials: bisphenol A is 17000 yuan/ton, epichlorohydrin is 19000 yuan/ton. In fact, this decline in imports does not mean that the utilization rate of foreign equipment has fallen. The recommended price of the industry is calculated based on the actual transaction price of raw materials plus the average minimum profit of the enterprise, taking into account the cost of raw materials and products in stock. At present, it is published once a week

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