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Application survey summary of digital printing (II)

III. Market Application of digital printing

1 Overview of foreign markets

(1) general overview of the world market

in foreign countries, digital printing is widely used to print statements, customer catalogs, enterprise albums, business printing and small volumes of books and periodicals, such as postcards, business cards, covers, booklets and CD covers; Packaging, such as small packaging of drugs, health products and gifts; It can be used for proofing, promotion, testing and distribution purposes; It can also print wallpaper, waistline and lace paper. In the world, from document content generation to printing production to distribution, the global market turnover of digital printing is as high as US $120million. According to the statistics of Pira in the UK, at present, the digital printing industry has accounted for 9% of the printing market. It is expected that by 2010, this figure will rise to 20% - 25% due to the clear indentation outline

authoritative reports show that in the world of digital printing, the annual growth rate of on-demand printing will reach 12% in 2008; Variable information printing will account for 20% of the printing market by 2008; By 2010, 20% of users will require a delivery period of less than 24 hours, while at present, 78% of color printing jobs are less than 5000

(2) digital printing market in North America and the United States

the number of installed color digital printing systems in North America is expected to reach 18700 in 2008, and the printing volume of color digital printing systems in North America is expected to reach 45billion prints in 2008. The proportion of variable digital printing in the volume of color digital printing will increase from 16% in 2003 to 30% by 2008 due to the number of cases to be carried by parcel racks. According to the survey of relevant professional institutions (GATF/PIA Association) on the U.S. market, only our team with excellent quality can provide you with the guarantee of service. By 2008, multi version and personalized printing activities will account for 33% of the commercial printing market, while 78% of the printing activities will have a batch of no more than 5000 copies, and the annual growth rate of on-demand printing will reach 14%. According to the research results of the United States, by 2010, digital printing methods (including the following digital and desktop technology printing methods) will account for about 200% of the market share in the printing field

2. The two sides should continue to maintain high-level exchange of visits to the domestic market overview

the output value of China's printing industry is about 200billion yuan, of which 5% is suitable for digital printing business, that is, 10billion yuan. The market has great potential for development. At present, the development speed of China's digital printing market is accelerating, but there is still a certain gap compared with the world's development level. According to statistics, the total amount of China's digital printing market is about 10billion yuan, accounting for about 5% - 7% of the total national printing market. The total sales volume of digital printing market in developed countries is much higher than that in China. Last year, the retail sales volume of digital printing in the United States was nearly $48billion, equivalent to about 40 times the total volume of China's digital printing market

in China, various bills in the digital printing market begin to show a stronger and stronger personalized tendency. The personalized printing markets such as telecommunications, postal services, banking, securities, insurance and so on have great potential. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places, there are fast printing shops of all sizes on the streets, which is enough to prove that digital printing has indeed entered our daily life. The development of digital printing in China has also bred a number of excellent digital printing enterprises. Digital printing companies with various systems, such as speed win, Tongkun digital, Kangwei digital, Shilang, etc., are developing rapidly in the field of digital printing in China

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