Sweden launched the largest wind energy developmen

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Sweden launched the largest wind energy development project, Stockholm power. According to local media 17, the Swedish state-owned power enterprise wattenfall group decided to cooperate with Sveaskog to build 550 wind power stations in southern Sweden. This will be the largest wind energy development project to date

according to the cooperation agreement reached between the two companies, the group will invest SEK 20.5 billion (about US $3.2 billion) in the next 10 years to build these wind power stations on the land rich in wind resources owned by Swensen, which is expected to help improve the use of carbon fiber plastic polymers. By 2016, when all these wind power stations are completed, their total power generation will be 12 Range mode: the full range can reach 4billion regardless of gear, and has caused quite a sensation in the industry. Kilowatt hour (4twh) can meet the power demand of 800000 households in Sweden

wattenfall group said that for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators, the company will also invest SEK 20.5 billion in the next 10 years to develop offshore wind energy. By 2016, the group's total wind power generation is expected to reach 8billion kwh

Sweden's current wind power generation is 1.4 billion kwh, accounting for only 1% of Sweden's total power generation. According to the target set by the Swedish Parliament, Sweden's wind power generation will reach 10billion kwh by 2016

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