Suspension of the hottest Fujian Nanzhi bamboo woo

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Fujian Nanzhi bamboo wood fiber pulp integration project was suspended for half a month. Fujian Nanzhi (600163, closing price 5.74 yuan) announced on May 17 that the original planned bamboo wood fiber project was terminated because the controlling shareholders could not reach an agreement within the specified time due to some important matters

the staff of the company said that the preliminary work of the bamboo wood fiber pulp integration project of the company was in progress. On February 21 this year, Fujian Nanping Paper Co., Ltd. has been approved by the board of directors to establish Fujian Nanping Paper biomass Fiber Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanping Paper Fiber), which can speed up the adjustment of product structure, improve competitiveness, make full use of Fujian's rich bamboo and wood resources, and give full play to the company's advantages in dissolved pulp production technology. The termination of the bamboo fiber project has little impact on the operation of listed companies

according to the data, Nanzhi fiber is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by Fujian Nanzhi this year to build an annual output of 9 60000 tons of bamboo (wood) dissolved pulp project. On December 28 last year, the company announced that Longyan papermaking land was collected and stored. The company plans to make full use of Longyan's geographical advantages and raw material advantages to develop the dissolved pulp and bamboo fiber industry. On March 16 this year, Fujian Nanzhi also raised strategic development funds by transferring 100% of the fixed assets of Nanping Xingguang building and 16.67% of the equity of Nanping Xingguang travel agency

for the current business situation, the above staff said that the company's dissolved pulp business is currently in a stage of rapid development, will have high profits, and the medium-term business situation will be better

the actual controller of Fujian Nanping Paper is Fujian SASAC, and the actual controlling shareholder is Qingshan Paper (600103, closing price 4.87 yuan); Therefore, Fujian Nanping Paper Co., Ltd. and Qingshan Paper Co., Ltd. have been expected by the market to have the possibility of reorganization. Although this major capital operation is terminated, the high dimensional accuracy and reorganization expectation of future capital operation molded parts still exist. The announcement only indicates that planning will not be carried out within three months, and we can still pay attention to it later

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