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Suzhou, the world's largest supplier of boxed inner bags, has set up a factory. A few days ago, scholle announced the official opening of its newly completed Suzhou production and sales base in Australia, which means that scholle, the world's first manufacturer of boxed inner bags, has made direct production investment in Chinese Mainland. This is the twelfth factory of scholle company distributed all over the world

Leon gianneschi, President of Asia Pacific region, pointed out: "scholle has a long history of business in the Chinese market. The establishment of Suzhou factory marks an important and critical step for the company to be the leader of boxed inner bag packaging manufacturers in Asia and China. Our purpose is to provide high-quality and low-cost packaging products for the rapidly developing Chinese market, Asia and even the larger market." In the initial stage, the boxed inner bag is mainly used for packaging wine, and spring water for post preparation will cause great changes in experimental power. Syrup, dairy products and processed food

the new factory is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, 50 kilometers northwest of Shanghai. It uses the machine designed by scholle company to produce 2 to 1000 liter full-size liquid bags. The first-class technology comes from the best operation mode of scholle's factories all over the country. Scholle is outstanding in the comprehensive manufacturing of films, nozzles, lids and inner bags

boxed inner bags have more advantages than hard packaging, including filling cleaning, land saving, low cost, reduced consumption, no cleaning and recycling, and automatic distribution function. Headquartered in Northlake, Illinois, USA, scholle has always been the world's largest supplier of boxed inner packaging solutions for the food, beverage and industrial supplies industries

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