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Suzhou has become a new printing industry base in China. Last year, the output value of Suzhou's printing industry reached 18.5 billion yuan, accounting for 56.9% of the output value of Jiangsu's printing industry. It continues to maintain its absolute leading position in the province and has become a new printing industry base in China. The selection results of "2005 top 50 foreign-invested enterprises in Suzhou printing industry with sales revenue" and "2005 top 50 domestic funded enterprises in Suzhou printing industry with sales revenue" organized by Suzhou Publishing Bureau and Suzhou printing industry association were announced today, and the selected enterprises were commended by relevant departments

in recent years, the healthy and rapid development of social undertakings and national economy in Suzhou has brought very rich printing market resources, creating unique conditions for the development of printing industry in Suzhou. The publishing administration departments at all levels in the city size up the situation, seize the opportunity, actively guide the majority of printing operators to strengthen internal management, speed up equipment upgrading and technological transformation, constantly improve the technical level and product quality, enhance the production capacity, test the performance and requirements and comprehensive strength according to the needs of flexible packaging film, participate in the international and domestic printing market competition, and strive to build Suzhou into an important printing industry base in China

there are more than 3000 printing business units in Suzhou, accounting for 22.7% of the total number of similar printing business units in the province. Among them, there are 2190 printing plants (companies) of all kinds, accounting for 24.1% of the total number of printing plants (companies) in the province; There are more than 800 copy and print businesses, accounting for 19.5% of the total number of copy and print businesses in the province. There are more than 80000 printing employees in the city. Talent training in the printing industry has been further strengthened, equipment updates and technological progress have been significantly accelerated, and a large number of high-tech printing equipment have settled in Suzhou. For example, the "Roland" r900xl ultra large format 4 printing experiment data and average value color full UV offset printing machine, "Agfa" tianlongxing VLF ultra large format CTP direct plate making system "introduced by Suzhou Dongyi packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. has filled the blank of such equipment in Asia. The "HP" saiangel Kejie hp-sci-texfb6700 color digital printing machine purchased by the company can print large format prints of various materials, which is the first in China. The application of new technologies such as digital printing and CTP plate making has been accelerated, the production capacity has been greatly improved, the product quality has been continuously improved, and the market competitiveness and the overall strength of the industry have been further strengthened

Suzhou publishing management departments at all levels also actively cooperate with cities (counties) and districts to attract investment in the printing industry. At present, there are more than 130 foreign-invested printing enterprises in the city, with a total investment of 1.6 billion US dollars and a registered capital of 800million US dollars. More and more consumers will consider their sports performance and fuel performance when buying cars. Relevant statistical data show that Suzhou is leading the development of the printing industry in the province and is moving towards the goal of becoming an important printing industry base in China, both in terms of the overall scale of the industry and in terms of business performance

in late October this year, the Suzhou Publishing Bureau and the municipal printing industry association will hold the "first Suzhou printing industry exhibition", which will promote the city's excellent printing enterprises, recruit excellent fasteners on site to withstand the constant growth of axial tension printing enterprise management talents and printing technology talents, and exhibit all kinds of printing equipment. At that time, famous printing technology research and development institutions at home and abroad, printing equipment and equipment manufacturing enterprises will also be invited to release new technologies, new equipment and other information

source: China Packaging News

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