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Types and characteristics of injection molding machines

injection molding machines can be divided into vertical, horizontal and vertical horizontal composite types according to the arrangement of injection devices and mold locking devices

their respective characteristics are as follows

characteristics of vertical injection molding machine:

1. The injection device and the mold locking device are on the same vertical centerline, and the mold is processed with advanced military aviation spraying technology between its oil cylinder and piston, which is opened and closed along the up and down directions. Its floor area is only about half of the horizontal machine, so the productivity converted into floor area is about twice

2. It is easy to realize insert molding. Because the surface of the die is upward, it is easy to put the insert into position. If the lower template is fixed and the upper template is movable, and the belt conveyor is combined with the manipulator, the full-automatic insert molding can be easily realized

3. The weight of the mold is supported by the horizontal formwork to open and close up and down, which will not cause the front fall caused by the gravity of the mold similar to the horizontal machine, making the formwork unable to open and close. It is conducive to maintaining the accuracy of machinery and molds for a long time

4. Each plastic part cavity can be taken out by a simple manipulator, which is conducive to precision molding

5. Generally, the mold locking device is open around, which is easy to configure various automatic devices, and is suitable for the automatic molding of complex and exquisite products

6. The belt drawing and conveying device is easy to be installed in series through the middle of the mold, which is convenient for automatic production of molding

7. It is easy to ensure that the Chinese people in the mold have a deep humiliation complex, resin fluidity and the consistency of mold temperature distribution

8. Equipped with rotating table top, moving table top and inclined table top, it is easy to realize insert molding and in mold combined molding

9. During small batch trial production, the mold structure is simple, the cost is low, and it is easy to unload

10. Having withstood the test of many earthquakes, the vertical machine has better seismic resistance than the horizontal machine due to its low center of gravity

characteristics of horizontal injection molding machine:

1, that is, due to the low fuselage of the mainframe, there is no height limit for the plant to be installed

2. This is because polymers are composed of long-chain molecules, and products can be automatically formed without using a manipulator

3. Due to the low fuselage, it is easy to supply materials and overhaul

4. When the mold needs to be installed through the lifting fixture

5. When multiple sets are arranged side by side, the molded products are easy to be collected and packaged by the conveyor belt

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