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Promoting work safety Suzhou will shut down 152 chemical enterprises this year. Tin, nickel, lead, aluminum, alumina and bauxite are at the forefront of the Jiangsu work safety supervision conference. The main expected goal of the city's work safety in 2018 is to reduce the number of full caliber production safety accidents and deaths by more than 10% year-on-year

2018 is the starting year to promote the reform and development of the city's work safety field. In the third quarter of this year, our city will formulate, improve and issue the detailed rules for the implementation of work safety assessment in Suzhou in 2018, and draft and introduce the "one vote veto" system of work safety in Suzhou<3. Good chemical stability/p>

in order to further strengthen the safety supervision and law enforcement and standardize the supervision and law enforcement behavior, Suzhou Safety Supervision Bureau decided to take this year as the year for the improvement of work safety law enforcement, and strive to achieve "five increases" in the number of cases filed in advance, the amount of punishment, the number of cases above 50000 yuan, the average value of cases, and the proportion of cases filed (the number of cases filed in advance accounts for the proportion of actual law enforcement inspection enterprises); The number of ex ante law enforcement (the number of cases filed and the amount of punishment) remains the first in the province; Illegal case law 4. Software and hardware: excellent electronic universal testing machine adopts brand computer, and the case settlement rate reaches 100% within the fixed period; The verification rate of real name reporting reached 100%; The transfer rate of suspected illegal and criminal cases of work safety reached 100%; Strive to achieve zero revocation (zero loss) of administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation; The training coverage of law enforcement personnel reached 100%

in 2018, the city will vigorously promote the standardization construction of primary and secondary industrial and trade enterprises, and plans to apply for more than 20 primary standardization enterprises, with more than 10 successfully established; There are more than 260 secondary standardization application enterprises, and more than 200 have been successfully established; Strive to improve the operation quality of the enterprise standardization system, check the operation of about 5000 three-level standardization enterprises in the city, and delist all enterprises that fail to meet the standards. The delisting proportion is not less than 5% of the total number of three-level standard enterprises in various regions. In addition, this year, we will continue to promote the standardization of small and micro enterprises, strive to achieve a creation rate of more than 75% by the end of 2018, and add at least 4000 small and micro enterprises that meet the standards

it is understood that this year, the city will continue to promote the comprehensive safety management of hazardous chemicals, combined with the "263" and "four batches" and other special actions to ensure that all tasks are implemented on time and effectively in all regions and industries; When the oil temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the cooling system must be opened to inform the key matters of safety supervision of hazardous chemical enterprises in advance, clarify the plan and time limit for closing enterprises, and strive to promote the closure of 152 chemical enterprises within the year

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