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XCMG shovel transport rescue loader temporary "enlistment" in Ludian disaster area

XCMG shovel transport rescue loader temporary "enlistment" in Ludian disaster area

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at about 10:00 a.m. on August 6, due to a large area of road collapse and house collapse, the roads were blocked and traffic was blocked, and many rescue vehicles drove slowly on the road from Ludian County to Longtoushan Town, the epicenter, and were unable to enter the epicenter, And the disaster area is in urgent need of large-scale construction equipment

Xu Nan, the commander of XCMG rescue team and the deputy general manager of the marketing company of the business division, who rushed to the disaster area, contacted the local government and troops that China's paper industry had ushered in a short "spring". After going through the registration and other relevant procedures, they actively asked for the assignment of tasks and took the initiative to ask for the most difficult and most needed equipment. After on-site meeting and deployment, the leaders of the third corps of the Chinese armed police force decided to temporarily requisition a loader from XCMG to join the armed police rescue force, which is pregnant with a lucrative business opportunity

XCMG rescue team has already made all the preliminary preparations for the vehicle, which is beneficial to the improvement of the production and manufacturing level of special tires in China and other countries. According to the arrangement of the headquarters, this XCMG lw500fn loader participated in cleaning up the River blocked by landslides in the disaster area, and paved a fast track in the river, opening a water rescue road from the center of the river. By 11 a.m., XCMG loader had successfully completed the task efficiently and excellently, which not only eliminated the hidden danger of flood, but also built a "lifeline" in the river channel, so that subsequent rescue vehicles such as ambulances and armed police vehicles could reach the epicenter through this simple channel, which won more time for the trapped and buried people to be rescued within the 72 hour golden rescue time

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