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XCMG road ranks first in China and ranks first among the top three in the world with all its strength. XCMG road ranks first in China and ranks first among the top three in the world with all its strength. China Construction Machinery Information Abstract: "in the field of pavement equipment, XCMG road should strive to be a leader in the whole product line, not only at home, but also abroad." To achieve this goal, Wang celebration is also full of challenges. Although for many years, it has maintained the first sales volume and market share in subdivisions such as pavement compaction equipment, it is just that. Figure 2: haydale's cooperation with some final users cannot fully reflect the ambition of Wang Xiaoqing, general manager of XCMG road machinery division. "In the field of pavement equipment, XCMG road should strive to be the leader of the whole product line, not only at home, but also abroad." Wang's celebration was concise but eloquent

XCMG road ranks first in China and ranks among the top three in the world with all its strength

to achieve this goal, Wang Qinghua is also full of challenges

the Chinese market has been quickly dyed red in the past few years, and the pressure of Wang Qingzhu has also suddenly arisen. After the in-depth review of the past and the repeated balance of medium, short-term and long-term development, Wang Qingzhu and XCMG road decided to fight against each other: "from the perspective of long-term development, regardless of the gains and losses of the city overnight, calmly promote qualitative changes in products, technology, management, user docking and other aspects, and create a new and more barrier driven pole."

it is not easy to do this. In the global construction machinery industry, the product line in the field of pavement equipment is narrow, there are many brands, and the batch is very small. At the same time, the technical barriers of some products are very high. So far, globally, "there is no comprehensive leading enterprise that can do a good job in the road equipment business. Even the enterprises that once intended to do this have stumbled here. It can be said that the field of road equipment is one of the hardest bones in the global industry. The enterprises that can do a good job are very professional, and none of them has experienced more than a century of long-term grinding." People who know this field say so

obviously, it is a rather difficult task for Wang Qinghua, but Wang Qinghua is not interested. "As long as we make long-term and sufficient preparations, complete the system promotion, achieve breakthroughs and even subversion in the world, it is only a matter of time." Wang celebration said, "XCMG road can definitely do it!"

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as the largest and leading manufacturer of construction machinery raw material indicators in China, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, put forward the goal of "high-end, high-tech, high added value and large tonnage" several years ago, and issued the action gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" to the industry in 2016; As the business segment with the most traditional advantages of XCMG group, XCMG road is also fully promoted here

by transforming it into products, R & D and manufacturing systems, Wang Qinghua summed up the four words "extraordinary and refined". "We just hope that through the introduction of high-tech and high value-added ideas, XCMG road's products can surpass users' imagination in performance and use experience, surpass various lines drawn and barriers built by competitors, and surpass the existing and conventional cognition of the whole industry." Wang Qingli explained

XCMG road ranks first in China and ranks among the top three in the world with all its strength

therefore, it re examines, adjusts and sharpens its own R & D, manufacturing and product system with the most stringent standards in the industry. Overturn and disassemble the old indicators, take progressiveness, reliability, comfort, convenience, economy, adaptability, aesthetics, energy conservation and environmental protection as the yardstick to improve one by one, build a new measurement system, and strive to improve every detail... A series of cumbersome work and rigorous and meticulous promotion undoubtedly affect the technology and product update iteration speed of XCMG road; But it is tough and solid, such as Wang Qinghua and XCMG Road, and it has been four years since this insistence

no one knows how much pressure Wang Qingzhu and XCMG road withstood, how much helplessness they endured, and how many challenges they overcame in the whole process. Fortunately, everything finally ushered in harvest. That is, the role of living bodies on materials

at the Bauma exhibition in Shanghai in 2016, XCMG road made a high-profile debut with 14 new road machinery complete sets, including domestic leading large tonnage single steel wheel roller xs365, domestic maximum horsepower grader gr5505, rp1305 paver and other benchmark products. In addition, in its complete product and solution lineup that comprehensively covers the three working conditions of "Subgrade Earthwork Construction", "pavement new pavement construction" and "maintenance old pavement restoration", almost every sub product line can find technologies that lead the Chinese market and even reach the world's leading level

for this centralized appearance, Wang celebration is still a little dissatisfied. In his plan, "as early as 2017 and as late as 2018, XCMG Road 5 series - that is, the birth of the fifth generation full set of products, is the best embodiment of XCMG road's years of effort, investment and persistence." "You know, our 5 series products are truly a masterpiece that comprehensively benchmark the market and even surpass the world's leading level, in which our own original technology accounts for more than 30 percent." Wang Qinghua added

in addition to achieving high-end breakthroughs in products and technology, XCMG road is also making every effort to take the lead in the market

compared with other segments of the industry, China's pavement equipment market has gathered all the world's leading brands early, "the competition in this field is even more intense than the excavator industry." People in it have reached such a consensus. Especially with the deep sinking of foreign brands and the extension of products to the middle end, XCMG road is facing greater challenges in the market

although it has been "hand to hand" with foreign leaders, However, Wang Qinghua has made full consideration and preparation: "In the mid-range market, XCMG road is adding to the traditional advantageous products through technological upgrading; in the high-end market, we are targeting system users in supply chain management, and the breakthroughs we have promoted here have been connected into a line; coupled with XCMG's brand advantage and the group's large platform, we have confidence and confidence to achieve new breakthroughs in more products besides road rollers, and achieve the best and the most leading."

[system promotion]

in Wang Qinghua's view, one of the important driving forces of XCMG's road growth comes from products and technology itself; The growth space, to a large extent, comes from the combination of different sub products, that is, complete sets of solutions

globally, the leading manufacturer of pavement equipment has always played a "combined fist", "as XCMG Road, only by participating in more links and longer chains of user construction, can enterprises continuously improve their value space, and of course, they can naturally build closer cooperation with users." Wang celebration said

Wang Qinghua, general manager of XCMG road machinery division

in the field of pavement equipment, Wang Qinghua has made an addition. In addition to the traditional roller, paver, milling machine and mixing station, XCMG road has extended its product line to the field of maintenance equipment including cold recycling equipment, slurry seal truck, asphalt distributor truck, asphalt pavement maintenance truck, synchronous gravel seal truck, etc. in recent years. As early as 2013, less than a year after the establishment of the business unit, XCMG road has established the world's largest integrated manufacturing platform for pavement equipment, and on this basis, embarked on the development path of "global road construction scheme solver, complete road construction equipment provider, and road construction management assistant"

up to now, in the field of pavement equipment, XCMG's road product line is almost all inclusive; At the same time, its six categories and more than 30 series of products have all achieved solution based support

the small batch and multi variety product line makes XCMG road have to find a better collaborative operation mode. Here, Wang Qingzhu is fully promoting the "matrix" management mode. In each product segment, XCMG road has set up a special person in charge, "in addition to being vertically responsible for different business units, these people should also be responsible for the entire R & D, design, procurement, manufacturing and sales chain. Only in this way, XCMG road can use relatively limited resources to support the common development of multiple business segments." Wang celebration said

in order to create a more solid competitive system, XCMG road has also invested resources and energy in construction solutions and process methods, in order to deeply and widely intervene in the process of user value realization and make breakthroughs with users. In recent years, XCMG road has carried out a lot of systematic and in-depth cooperation in the exploration of new processes, new materials and new technologies with its own technology research institute and road construction and maintenance units in many provinces and cities, including Jiangsu Provincial Highway Bureau and Hainan Provincial Highway Bureau

although he pays more attention to the "hardness and gold content" of competitive barriers, and pays more attention to long-term development, rather than one trick at a time, Wang Qinghua still retains a sense of urgency. "China's pavement equipment market has also accelerated its changes and integration in recent years. The window period left by the market for us is running out. XCMG road must speed up its race against itself and the global leader." Wang celebration said

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