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XCMG road's "cool in summer" activity ceremoniously launched

XCMG road's "cool in summer" activity ceremoniously launched

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on July 24, 2014, following the release of the whole body and mind brand, XCMG road brings a warmth to users on the arrival of the hot summer - cool in summer. This activity will last for two months, and will be carried out simultaneously in eight service spare parts regions across the country. At that time, XCMG road service spare parts region will cooperate with more than 70 dealers across the country to give "wholehearted" care and greetings to users in their market regions, solve equipment hidden dangers for free fluorine filling and active maintenance of air conditioners, and send summer heat relief gifts, which are difficult to accept among domestic users

dongyuwei, director of Xuzhou service spare parts center of XCMG Road, delivered a speech

Zhao Feng, chairman of Zhongkai made a speech

Xu Luwei, general manager of Zhongkai road machinery division, made a detailed explanation to the guests on "XCMG Road service brand 'wholehearted' service"

user representative delivered a speech

at about 10 a.m. on July 24, The opening ceremony of XCMG road's "cool in summer" activity was grandly held at the foot of beautiful Mount Tai - Shandong Zhongkai industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongkai"). Zhao Feng, chairman of Zhongkai, xuluwei, general manager of ZhongKai Daoji business department, dongyuwei, director of Xuzhou regional service spare parts center of XCMG Road, Li Wei, director of Jinan marketing center of XCMG Road, and user representatives witnessed this important moment

at the event site, dongyuwei, director of Xuzhou regional service spare parts center of XCMG Road, first delivered a speech. He said that as a new growth point of enterprise development, the era of rapid development of the post market of construction machinery has arrived. "In order to better do a good job in the post market, XCMG road took the lead in launching the 'full-service' service brand in the industry, with the purpose of customer commitment. XCMG road adheres to the service commitment and provides close and considerate services to customers all year round, so that customers who buy XCMG Road products can buy and use them at ease!"

xuluwei, general manager of Zhongkai road machinery business department, made a detailed explanation to the guests on "XCMG road service brand 'dedicated' service". "First of all, XCMG road will provide users with worry free life cycle service guarantee from the aspects of equipment selection, equipment matching, process construction scheme consultation, operation training, maintenance, spare parts supply, etc." Xuluwei told the guests, "Secondly, XCMG can provide personal services for every user, which is mainly reflected in three aspects, namely, service networking, service mechanization and service informatization. XCMG road has built a four-level service spare parts system, namely, headquarters service spare parts center, eight regional service spare parts center, 31 provincial maintenance centers and more than 800 municipal and county-level maintenance stations, which can ensure the first-time service for customers. It has more than 1200 service vehicles across the country And rims intelligent positioning and tracking technology is used on each vehicle, which can ensure that service personnel can reach the user in the shortest time with the best route. XCMG road has established accurate and efficient information management means by using CRM, MES, PDS and other systems, which can make full use of high-tech technology to provide personal services to customers. Finally, XCMG can provide customized after-sales service according to the specific conditions of products and customers, and will continue to launch a series of value-added service projects such as' March 15 'gold medal service month,' cool in summer 'and' warm in winter ', so that customers can feel at ease, at ease and warm. "

the service car rushed to the market

to send care to users

at the scene, Liang Shengqiang, a user from Tai'an, said that since purchasing XCMG's 20 ton roller in June 2010, he has been dealing with Shandong Zhongkai and made friends with XCMG road. Over the past two years, Liang Shengqiang has successively purchased two XCMG rollers, which have good performance and low failure rate. The service of Zhongkai is also relatively timely. The "requirements" put forward that they will pay visits and condolences whether it is windy and rainy, cold and hot, or holidays, and they will also give some small gifts, and their skills are relatively comprehensive, which solves their own worries and brings huge benefits, I also plan to purchase a XCMG roller from the latest regulation "tensile force, pressure and universal testing machine", which includes jjg139 (1) 999 testing machines for more than 2100 volunteers of the survivors of dead workers

amid the cheerful music and salute, Zhao Feng, chairman of Zhongkai, announced the official start of XCMG road's "wholehearted" service brand promotion and summer cool off launch ceremony! Several XCMG service cars slowly drove out of the factory. They will serve every customer all over the country with sincere, personal and considerate actions, and infect every user with youth and enthusiasm

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