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XCMG road "wholehearted service" is upgraded to warm Liaoshen land

XCMG road "wholehearted service" is upgraded to warm Liaoshen land

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in March, Shenyang is warm and cold at first. On the morning of March 11, XCMG road's "dedicated service" was upgraded to the "six new" release and exchange conference and the "road home" member offline activity day, but the scene of Shenyang station (the 16th station in China) was lively and spring. More than 300 guests from Shenyang and surrounding areas first walked into the Shahe plant area of Liaoning Xindayu Road Machinery Co., Ltd. located in the urban area of Shenyang to visit. More than 20 sets of brand-new XCMG road machinery were neatly arranged and magnificent in red flowers. Visitors can't help but praise XCMG road for its first-class manufacturing technology and superb design level

Shenyang station activity site

Wang Qinghua, assistant president of XCMG machinery and general manager of XCMG Road business division, duanlei, general manager of northeast region of XCMG road machinery business division, Liu Gang, director of Shenyang marketing center of XCMG road machinery business division, Yang Kai, head of service spare parts in northeast region of XCMG Road, Tian Jun, manager of northeast region of Shangchai, Xu Chuanfeng, general manager of northeast region of Dalian DEUTZ, Xu Fengyu, President of Liaoning Yuhua group Ma Ruiqi, vice president of Yuhua group, Shen Jihong, general manager of Liaoning Xindayu Road Machinery Co., Ltd., and other leaders gathered with more than 300 users from Shenyang and surrounding areas to listen to the interpretation of the meaning of "full service" upgrading of XCMG Road, "six new" and the introduction of main products, as well as policy readings and service commitments

Xu Fengyu, President of Liaoning Yuhua group, first addressed the event

at the meeting, Xu Fengyu, President of Liaoning Yuhua group, first addressed the event. He briefly introduced the situation of Yuhua group and thanked XCMG road for its support and trust in Yuhua group for more than ten years. As the provincial general agent of XCMG Road, Yuhua has always been committed to providing customers with one-stop procurement of construction machinery products and equipment. The high-quality XCMG Road products and excellent first-class service have created the brilliance of Yuhua, which has promoted the brand of XCMG in Shenyang. Xu Fengyu said that in the future, Yuhua group will continue to reach long-term strategic cooperation goals with XCMG road

Wang Qinghua, assistant president of XCMG machinery and general manager of XCMG Road business division, delivered a speech.

Wang Qinghua, assistant president of XCMG machinery and general manager of XCMG Road business division, delivered a speech. He said: XCMG is the first in the industry to launch a full-service re upgrade, which is to solve users' problems at all costs and make users satisfied. At the same time, we will accelerate the transformation of XCMG road machinery to a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise. This activity is held to thank new and old customers for their support of XCMG road. Through communication with everyone, the goal is to give the best service to customers, the number of grids included in the length of the rule is equal to the number of grids within the gauge length, apply the latest technology to the market, and put the most cutting-edge products into national engineering construction. In 2017, with the increase of national investment in infrastructure, the demand for equipment will increase. XCMG road should seize the opportunity and forge ahead, so that XCMG, a national brand, can blossom everywhere in Shenyang and Northeast China, and strive to compete with foreign brands in terms of product technology, quality and service

Duan Lei explained to you the meaning of "wholehearted service re upgrading"

duanlei, general manager of the northeast region of XCMG road machinery division, explained in detail and vividly the meaning of "wholehearted service re upgrading" with the theme of "never forget the original wholehearted service re upgrading". He stressed that XCMG road took the lead in launching the "full-time" service brand in the industry in 2014. With the improvement of customer demand, XCMG's service was upgraded again in 2017, which is to provide customers with a "personal and intimate" all-round guarantee from the aspects of service resources, service personnel guarantee and service point system guarantee. Focus on providing customers with solutions for the full value chain and life cycle of products before, during and after sales, concentrate on creating value-added for users, create an "upgraded version" of road machinery characteristic services, and set a new benchmark for industry services

Duan Lei said that road machinery picked up significantly in the first quarter of this year. The order delivery of XCMG road machinery in Shenyang increased by more than 100% over last year, and some products have been out of stock. XCMG road will intensify efforts to provide users with personalized value-added services. To this end, President Duan said that the number of service vehicles in Shenyang had increased to 26 in 2017, in order to provide users with efficient and fast response. That is, the customer hopes to make use of the Dongfeng service demand visited by President Xi to ensure that she can respond within 15 minutes, reply to the result within 30 minutes, and repair the general fault within 24 hours. At present, every prefecture level city in Liaoning has a maintenance station. After training, service engineers are specialized and versatile. They are on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a day, dealing with all kinds of customers' problems rain or shine, and providing customers with strong technical support. In the future, XCMG road's services will further improve the remote parameter calibration, mechanical cross region reminder, and the high gross profit in the early stage of the machine diaphragm industry. There will be more distinctive upgrading services, such as monitoring of mechanical working conditions, active maintenance reminder, mechanical alarm reminder, and the operating rate of sold products

Liu Gang interpreted the "six new products" plan

Liu Gang, director of Shenyang marketing center of XCMG road machinery division, interpreted the "six new products" plan, which brightened the eyes of users: XCMG road machinery has been taking the market as the starting point, constantly launching more advanced and practical products, exceeding industry standards and exceeding customer expectations. In terms of compaction machinery, it focuses on the leading strength of XCMG roller in the industry for 30 consecutive years in combination with earthwork engineering, Pavement Compaction Engineering and light maintenance engineering; In terms of paving machinery, it comprehensively demonstrates the high-end quality of the paver from the three dimensions of ultra thick paving, ultra wide paving and ultra-thin paving. In the field of leveling machinery, the application of variable power technology, load sensing technology and high-power mining equipment are mainly displayed. In addition, the large-depth milling of XCMG milling machine, friendly man-machine engineering and the environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency of XCMG maintenance machinery have also attracted many customers to negotiate and purchase

in 2017, XCMG road machinery will break through the encirclement of high-end products, deepen the dynamic benchmarking of high-end products, strengthen the benchmarking of extreme working conditions, rapidly improve the quality increment, and take the "leading technology, indestructible" gold standard as the core work, and strive to advance into the top three of the world's road machinery

SHEN Jihong, general manager of Liaoning Xindayu Road Machinery Co., Ltd.

SHEN Jihong, general manager of Liaoning Xindayu Road Machinery Co., Ltd., read out to you the promotion policies of complete machines and spare parts as well as the policies and service commitments enjoyed by equipment leasing at this meeting, which brought you real concessions and post purchase guarantees

special prize

an old customer from Dandong now has more than 10 XCMG road machinery. The reason why we choose XCMG road equipment is that we pay attention to the quality, cost performance and after-sales service of XCMG road. The particularity of pavement construction requires that the first factor to be considered in the construction is the stable performance and high reliability of equipment. In this regard, the equipment of XCMG road is guaranteed, and there has been no delay in the construction period due to equipment. In addition, XCMG's road cab is comfortable, and the after-sales service is timely and considerate. In particular, XCMG's dedicated service is upgraded, which is very warm. This kind of thinking is what users want and urgent. Let users buy at ease and use at ease! Over the past six years, he said that the cooperation with XCMG was very pleasant

group photo

a loyal customer from Liaoning Province, since the late 1990s, they will think of XCMG road as long as they purchase equipment correctly according to the regulations. They believe that XCMG Road, a national brand, is trustworthy and entrusted! Not only is the equipment of high quality, but also has a strong service team. In recent years, the service has been upgraded year after year, and free training courses will be held every year. He also mentioned XCMG's service spare parts center, and the service is even more considerate. If they buy equipment again, they will also buy XCMG's equipment. XCMG road attracts them to always choose XCMG with its reliable quality and considerate service

At the end of the event, the lucky draw, award ceremony and wonderful song and dance performance set off a climax after climax, which made guests feel more than satisfied. Finally, more than 40 sets of various products were sold at the meeting, with a total value of 20million yuan

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