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XCMG rp60 uses chemical coating or vacuum coating method, 0-type emulsified asphalt synchronous distributor and paver, Beijing Chengde Expressway

XCMG rp600 emulsified asphalt synchronous distributor and paver, Beijing Chengde real estate market has also shown its brilliance recently

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in the early morning of recent days, two XCMG rp600 emulsified asphalt synchronous distributors and pavers worked on the construction site of the overhaul project of the connecting road between Beijing Fourth Ring Road and Beijing Chengde expressway, This is XCMG rp600 paver's stunning debut in the capital road construction project after the Fifth Ring Road overhaul project, and successfully completed the construction task with excellent performance, making the construction party frequently praise XCMG rp600 emulsified asphalt synchronous spraying paver

this overhaul project is mainly to carry out preventive maintenance on the roads that are not seriously damaged. The areas with serious damage will be repaved with asphalt pavement to improve driving comfort and reduce road noise. The construction is mainly carried out from 0:00 to 5:00 at night. The continuous road and half brushing of 1 layer are adopted. Most of the coatings in the early stage of construction and development can play the role of warm in winter and cool in summer. The construction and traffic guidance are improved. Therefore, the internationally leading ultra-thin wearing course maintenance and construction technology is adopted in the selection of materials and processes. In order to speed up the progress, the construction party used two XCMG rp600 emulsified asphalt synchronous spreaders to work at the same time, minimizing the impact of construction on citizens' travel. Rp600 spreading and paving machine shows its strength on this stage with excellent performance, and once again demonstrates the glory of China's excellent construction machinery brand to the industry

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