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ALFY integrated ceiling, founded in 2008, is a ceiling enterprise specializing in the production and sales of integrated ceiling, Yuba, gusset, heating, lighting, ventilation and other products. Let's take a look at the Alfie integrated ceiling

ALFY integrated ceiling, established in 2008, is a ceiling enterprise specializing in the production and sales of integrated ceiling, Yuba, gusset, heating, lighting, ventilation and other products. Let's take a look at the Alfie integrated ceiling

advantages of Alfie integrated ceiling:

oil resistance and antifouling

nano plates are refined from advanced nano materials, and the surface contains nano titanium dioxide powder, which can degrade organic pollution and comprehensively protect against all kinds of oil pollution; The unique antistatic property of aluminum magnesium manganese alloy makes the nano plate not easy to be stained with dust and stains. It can be bright as new with a gentle wipe, which really achieves “ Oil resistant, no stain, dust-proof, no dust collection &rdquo

sterilization and self purification

under the action of photocatalysis, the unique nano molecules of nanoplates have the functions of continuous bacteriostasis, sterilization and deodorization, while the unique ultra-fine structure and high activity make the products have the functions of high self-cleaning, stain resistance and lasting self purification

strengthen tendons “ Bone "e;, Auxiliary parts upgrading

the main keel, triangular keel, hanger, connector and other comprehensive upgrades are made of fire-proof galvanized sheet, and the surface is made of gold paint, metal texture, noble visual enjoyment. Airfield letter steel seal, extraordinary bearing, shows quality. It is worth mentioning that all kinds of upgraded accessories of Alfie have more excellent rust prevention and corrosion resistance than ordinary galvanized materials. They still maintain consistent strong quality in a humid environment, free of rust and spots, durable and bright as new, longer service life, more stable structure, and create a stronger trunk for the exquisite and beautiful ceiling

style of Alfie integrated ceiling:

natural leisure

the decoration boom since the 1990s has brought people many decorative ideas, such as small gardens, cultural stone decorative walls and rain flower stones, and other decorative techniques have appeared in the real design. Especially caused by the large use of red beech “ The whole country is decorated in yellow ” After the decoration phenomenon, getting close to nature and returning to nature has become one of the goals that people pursue

elegant style

this is a design style that appeared at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. It takes wallpaper as the decorative surface material and combines the woodworking practice of mixing oil. This style emphasizes the harmony of proportion and color. People begin to color the upper part of a wall with the ceiling, and the wall uses a wallpaper with a faint texture. The whole style is very elegant and quiet, without a trace of impetuosity

urban style

entering the 21st century, the housing reform and the emergence of many young first-time home buyers have injected impetus into the emergence of this style. Young people have just bought houses, and many of them are short of money. At this time, real estate is basically based on rough houses (a style without basic decoration). Limited by financial resources, they are forced to meet the needs of decoration, and emphasize that it has been “ Decoration ” The appearance of which uses a lot of bright colors

fresh style

this is a style with “ Petty bourgeoisie ” Taste of interior design style. Especially with the emergence of many singles, this petty bourgeoisie style is widely used in all kinds of apartment decoration. There are no members such as the elderly and children in the room, so there is no need to consider many functional issues in the decoration, and it often emphasizes a kind of randomness and lightness. The light white gauze with a soft cloth sofa and a pile of throw pillows of various colors form an indoor space full of lazy atmosphere

European classical style

shows dignity and elegance everywhere. European style mainly refers to Western classical style. Emphasis on gorgeous decoration, strong colors, exquisite modeling to achieve elegant decorative effect

fashion mix and match

interior layout also tends to be modern and practical, and absorbs traditional characteristics. It integrates ancient and modern Chinese and western in decoration and furnishings, showing practicality and casualness everywhere

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