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The smart lock market is developing rapidly. In addition to the annual increase in sales, there is another phenomenon worthy of attention: retail accounts for an increasing proportion, and offline retail accounts for a large proportion and fast growth. For the vast number of smart lock manufacturers...

the smart lock market is developing rapidly. In addition to the annual increase in sales, there is another phenomenon worthy of attention: that is, the proportion of retail is increasing, and the proportion of offline retail is large and the growth rate is fast. This is a good thing for the majority of smart lock manufacturers and consumers, because smart lock is a product that emphasizes installation and service. The rapid development of offline is conducive to the establishment of after-sales service system

as a well-known enterprise that has been deeply involved in the smart lock industry for many years, Huangdi also firmly believes that the smart lock industry will be further improved in 2019. Cihuangdi not only launched two new products, stainless steel smart lock A2L and fully automatic smart lock q5l, but also adjusted relevant policies, and encouraged the business team to go deep into the market to understand everyone's needs, so as to contribute to the popularization of smart locks

Huangdi business team entered the market

this time, Huangdi business team entered Hunan and Jiangxi provinces, which not only trained the team, accumulated experience, but also had a new understanding of the market. To our surprise, some dealer friends recognized Huangdi's business philosophy. When signing a contract for cooperation, we were moved

Huangdi has always attached importance to the quality and brand building of smart locks. It insists on using high-quality materials in procurement, which makes Huangdi smart locks have a sense of "massiness". It insists on using its own electronic scheme in the system, which is not only stable and durable, but also has basically no customer complaint rate. It also takes the brand line in business, does not cheat, and has won the trust of many dealer friends

take photos with customers to commemorate

in order to show Huangdi smart lock more intuitively, Huangdi business team adopts the way of experiential explanation, so that dealer friends can practice on site, so that they can experience the smart lock more closely. A friend in the door business is also interested in mechanical door locks. He said that the smart lock conforms to the development trend of smart home. The combination of door locks can help each other and expand the scope of business

as mentioned above, offline retail is more in line with the characteristics of smart locks, and our Huangdi has always taken investment promotion as the main business direction. 2019 is an important watershed for the development of smart locks. Whether you are in the door industry, building materials, bathroom and other businesses, or want to show your skills in the smart home industry, you can try smart locks. Huang Di, look forward to your joining




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