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During the day, they work in the smell of dust, noise and choking paint and glue, and at night, they sleep on the floor with their wife and children... Reporters recently found that some decoration company workers live in the same room with indoor decoration pollutants day and night, and their working and living conditions are worrying

workers: in order to make money, they had to carry it.

in a rough room in a community on Longhua Road, Xuhui District, a carpenter was sawing wood with an electric saw. Indoor sawdust was flying, and the paint placed in the corner gave off a pungent smell

Xiao Liu, a painter from Anhui, said that he lived here with another painter and a carpenter couple, and it is estimated that he will stay here for another two weeks. "We usually live wherever we work. We sleep in the decorated house almost every night, saving rent and sending it back to our hometown." The air is so bad, aren't you afraid of damaging your body? The reporter asked. Xiao Liu patted his chest and said, "I'm in good health and can carry it."

in the interview, many workers reported that they knew that formaldehyde, benzene and other substances were harmful to their health, but in order to support their families, they couldn't care so much, "earn more money and change careers early". Zhangjiagen, a Hubei native who once served as the leader of the decoration team, sighed bitterly: he used to live in the decoration room with his wife and children, and was "addicted to drugs" every day. As a result, his 5-year-old daughter found out that she had lung problems last year, and it cost a lot of money to see a doctor. He then made up his mind to switch to small business

company: environmental protection of materials is no problem

the reporter called several decoration companies in the city and learned that most of the decoration workers came from Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei and other places. Except for the workers of a few large companies who had other places to live, they implemented the "commuting" system, and other companies arranged workers to live in their decorated blank houses

the person in charge of a decoration company said: the workers live in the decorated house. On the one hand, the work is convenient and the construction period can be shortened. On the other hand, the owner can rest assured that the house is watched

as for the health protection of workers, the person in charge of the decoration company said that the company uses environmentally friendly materials, which are harmless to human body, and workers have comprehensive insurance, even if they get sick

hospitals: indoor pollution cannot be ignored

the reporter learned from Huashan Hospital, Ruijin Hospital and other hospitals that most of the decoration workers who came to see a doctor suffered from respiratory diseases, lung diseases and immune dysfunction. They came to the hospital only when they were "unable to bear it", and their condition was also serious

according to experts, ceramic tiles, gypsum and stone materials used in decoration will release radon. Radon is colorless and tasteless, but its impact on human body is lifelong; Formaldehyde in a variety of artificial boards and wallpapers is not only a suspected carcinogen, but also stimulates eyes and respiratory tract, which will cause human immune dysfunction; Many glues, lacquers, paints and adhesives contain benzene, which will anesthetize the central nervous system

many citizens believe that decoration companies should not ignore the health of workers in pursuit of economic interests. They suggest learning from the practices of some large companies, arranging unified dormitories for workers and providing necessary labor protection supplies to keep them as far away from pollution as possible. Labor departments and trade union organizations should also strengthen the supervision and supervision of decoration companies, and regularly organize physical examination of decoration workers to let them come to Shanghai and return home in good health





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