Gypsum board composite glass wool is of high quali

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Gypsum board composite glass wool is made of gypsum as the main material, adding fiber, adhesive and modifier, mixing, pressing and drying. It has fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength

gypsum board composite glass wool, which is of high quality and low price. It is worth having

ordinary gypsum board ceiling products have the characteristics of good integrity, easy modeling, flat and beautiful, but it is most afraid of humidity, and the use effect of home decoration bathroom is not good. When used in the kitchen ceiling, it is prone to smoke and yellowing all year round. Waterproof gypsum board means that when this kind of stone board is tested for waterproof according to American ASTM standard, its water absorption is 5%, that is, it can be used in areas with high humidity, such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. this board adds a certain amount of waterproof agent to the gypsum core material, so that the gypsum itself has a certain waterproof performance. Material preparation: after quantitative measurement, the modified starch, retarder, pulp, water reducer and water are put into the hydraulic pulper to mix into raw material slurry, and then pumped into the slurry storage tank for standby; Put the foaming agent and water into the foaming agent preparation tank in proportion, stir them evenly, and pump them into the foaming agent storage tank (with heating device, keep it above 35 ℃) for standby; Coagulant and gypsum powder raw materials enter the silo for standby through the lifting and conveying equipment; Process: the slurry in the slurry storage tank is pumped into the mixer by the metering pump, the foaming agent is foamed by the dynamic foaming device and then enters the mixer, the accelerator and gypsum powder are measured by the full-automatic metering belt scale and then enter the mixer, and then all main and auxiliary materials are mixed into qualified gypsum slurry in the mixer. The expansion bolts should be fixed to the top surface in advance before making the ceiling (modeling), that is to say, the preparation for installing the crystal lamp should be made in advance - the crystal lamp is relatively heavy! At present, the 23 cm spacing, the impact drill can no longer drill holes, unless the 23 cm bottom panel is removed. The hanging bar reserved at the stair position is feasible and correct for installing lamps and lanterns - if installing crystal lamps, it is also necessary to reserve this kind of hanging bar. The connecting piece between the hanging bar (upper end) and the floor bottom is the expansion bolt. If you want to install the hanging lamp, you should fix the expansion bolt to the top surface in advance before making the ceiling (modeling), That is to say, you should be prepared to install the crystal lamp in advance -- the crystal lamp is relatively heavy




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