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The glass cabinet can open up the sealed space and create a very modern style of fashion beauty through the transparent texture. It is one of the household styles that most modern young people love very much

but the cleaning and maintenance of the glass cabinet is also a problem that everyone is worried about. In fact, the glass that seems to need careful care can be cleaned in a scientific and reasonable way to achieve simple care and easy maintenance

placement position

the glass wardrobe should be placed in a dry place away from direct sunlight. It is not suitable to move back and forth at will. It is also necessary to avoid hitting with hard objects and contacting with sharp objects to prevent the wardrobe glass from scratching

daily cleaning

the permeability of the glass cabinet comes from the transparent material. In order not to dust the wardrobe, it is recommended to clean it at least once a week

during daily cleaning, wipe it with a dry flannelette. In case of dirt, wipe it with a soft flannelette dipped in beer or warm vinegar. In addition, you can also use the glass cleaner currently sold on the market. Do not use a strong acid-base solution for cleaning

tips for maintenance

here are some tips for cleaning the stubborn stains inadvertently left on the glass wardrobe


for the fingerprint on the glass cabinet, most people are troubled by this problem. In fact, you can add a small amount of alcohol or vinegar to the water that wipes the glass, and then you can decompose the dirt, which can achieve the decontamination effect


if the handwriting on the glass cabinet is scrawled by a bear child, you can rub it with a rubber soaked in water, and then wipe it with a wet cloth


if the glass panel is accidentally stained with paint, it can be wiped with cotton dipped in hot vinegar, but be careful not to touch the metal frame of the wardrobe. Wipe the glass with a clean dry cloth dipped in alcohol to make it as bright as new

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