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When decorating, we should also consider the different effects of color on people and choose suitable wall fabrics for different areas. Now let's have a look with osley wallcovering

with the improvement of people's quality of life, home decoration design and soft decoration design have become more and more popular. When family conditions permit, wall cloth has replaced wallpaper and paint as the preferred decoration for many families

color has certain effects on people's mood, mood and even physical condition, such as orange, which induces appetite; Green, beneficial to digestion and body balance; Blue can reduce the pulse and adjust the balance of the body...

when decorating, we should also consider the different effects of color on people and choose suitable wall cloths for different areas


red wall cloth stimulates and excites the nervous system, increases adrenaline secretion and enhances blood circulation. However, too much exposure to red will produce anxiety, making it easier for people who are prone to fatigue to feel exhausted. Therefore, in the bedroom or study should avoid using too much red

red can be used in the living room, as a sofa background, TV background and other places, but also as an ornament to brighten the whole space

recommended style

Jazz jungle 23 banana leaf


orange wall cloth produces vitality, induces appetite, contributes to calcium absorption, and is conducive to recovery and maintenance of health. This color is more suitable for entertainment rooms, kitchens, restaurants, etc. Of course, the living room and balcony can also be used as decorations

recommended style

wake up at sunrise 07


yellow wallpaper is active in thinking, but golden decoration is easy to cause unstable emotions and capricious behavior, so golden furniture and golden wallpaper should be avoided in bedrooms, activity places and balconies, but it can be used for decoration in living rooms, hallways and other places, so as to enrich the color of the whole space

if you want to use it in a large area, it is recommended to choose light yellow, goose yellow, ivory yellow and other colors to appear warm and sunny at home

recommended style

track 10 floating light

track 08 dusty


green wall cloth is beneficial to digestion, promotes physical balance, plays a calming role, and is beneficial to those who are active or depressed physically and mentally. Natural green has a certain therapeutic effect on syncope, fatigue and negative emotions

there are many places where green can be used. It is also recommended to place natural green plants in the home to make the home full of life color

recommended style

Jazz jungle 13 peeping leopard

silk rhyme 17 still water sound


blue wall cloth can reduce the pulse frequency and adjust the internal balance. Using blue in the bedroom can eliminate tension and help alleviate headache, fever, syncope and insomnia

recommended style

sunrise 17 Havre port

track 41 streaming shadow

silk rhyme 11 still water streaming sound


purple wall cloth has a depressing effect on the motor nerve and heart system, can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, promote silence, stimulate the sense of love and care for others, and can be appropriately dotted in the bedroom and living room

recommended style

Siyun 23 extraordinary years

sunrise 16 dawn


indigo wall cloth can harmonize muscles, reduce or stop bleeding, affect vision, hearing and smell, reduce the sensitivity of the body to pain, and can be appropriately applied to bedrooms, living rooms, etc

recommended style

Jazz jungle 31 banana leaf

water lily 09 lotus shadow

Jazz jungle 34 jungle bird

color has a subtle effect on people. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Using color reasonably and appropriately in our home makes our home more dynamic and our life colorful

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