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To realize the transformation of the machine tool industry from a big one to a strong one, we must be vigilant against four tendencies

recently, the China Machine Tool Industry Association released the key points for the work of the machine tool industry during the 12th Five Year Plan (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the key points for work) on the basis of many investigations and repeated demonstrations. Among them, the proposal of three landmark goals has aroused widespread concern in the industry, that is, breakthroughs have been made in providing equipment and services for the core manufacturing field of key industries, the domestic market share of medium and high-end CNC machine tools, CNC systems and functional components has been significantly increased, and a number of world-famous brands and advantageous enterprises have been formed

why should we put forward these three landmark goals? Chenhuiren, Deputy Secretary General of the machine tool association, said that these were put forward in response to several tendentious problems existing in the industry to varying degrees. So, what are the tendentious problems in the industry? In this regard, chenhuiren made an in-depth interpretation

In the past decade, with the sustained and high-speed development of the industry, the vast majority of industry enterprises have made remarkable development achievements to varying degrees. The most prominent feature is that the business scale continues to expand rapidly, and has formed a kind of development inertia and path dependence. Enterprises have been used to this state of sustained and rapid growth

in this process, industrial enterprises have increasingly shown the tendency of "two big and one complete", that is, the larger the enterprise scale, the larger the product specification and the more complete the product variety. Whenever we are planning and seeking development, we always habitually consider these directions and paths first

it must be acknowledged that the above path has promoted the rapid development of the industry in the past decade, or the above path is a suitable choice in the development stage of the past decade. This is also closely related to the overall environment for the development of China's economy and is in perfect harmony with it. However, this path dependence of development is certainly not enough, at least not enough, because the general environment has changed and the industry has entered a new stage of historical development. We must make adjustments and changes, or we will stop at the big, and cannot become stronger, or even lose our big position

the transformation of the industry from big to strong requires not only China's own Mazak, DMG and Amada, but also many small and medium-sized specialized and special enterprises with unique advantages. Therefore, we must correctly grasp the relationship between scale and structure, extension and connotation, integrity and specialization, shift the focus of work, and adjust the direction of resources. Only in this way can we make the right choice to meet the requirements of the new stage of development

To this end, the key points of the work specifically point out that it is necessary to adapt to the new characteristics of the upgrading of the market demand structure and the new changes in the development environment, accelerate the fundamental transformation of the development mode, and unswervingly follow the development path of internal development; Take the development road driven by technological progress; Take the development path of continuously improving the comprehensive quality of enterprises

the high-speed development over the years has objectively formed resource bottlenecks of varying degrees in industry enterprises. Many enterprise managers generally feel that the resources in various aspects such as talents, technology and management mechanism within the enterprise have not kept up with the rapid development needs of the enterprise

related to this, a number of bad tendencies have been accumulated within a large number of industrial enterprises, among which there is a tendency that we call "emphasizing hard work over soft work"

the so-called "emphasizing hard and neglecting soft" 3. The fixture itself is a tendency of locking mechanism. At the macro level, it shows that it pays one-sided attention to the expansion of hard power such as manufacturing capacity, while to a considerable extent, it ignores the construction of soft power such as technological innovation ability, market operation ability, brand building ability, management ability and cultural ability. It shows that the enterprise is large and comprehensive, but lacks enterprise connotation

at the micro level, there are many aspects: in product development, it emphasizes the realization of tangible functions and specifications, ignores the embodiment of intangible technology added value in product development, and ignores the support of deep-seated technology for design and development

in terms of product manufacturing, it pays attention to the armed of tangible plant and equipment capacity, and ignores the continuous accumulation of advanced technology, the overall improvement of process system and the construction of stable quality assurance capacity; In terms of market development, it pays one-sided attention to the realization of sales performance and ignores the improvement of user service level

even in terms of services, they are only limited to the services of the goods themselves, ignoring (or not having the awareness and ability to provide users with expanded value-added services, etc

all these tendencies are completely contrary to the direction of the industry from big to strong. They are important factors that restrict the industry from achieving the three landmark goals. They are prominent problems existing in the industry at this stage. We must have a clear understanding and conscious action

for this reason, the key points of the work especially put forward that comprehensive measures should be taken, especially efforts should be made on the market adaptability and quality reliability of products; Work hard in the industrialization link; Make great efforts in the deep-seated technology that restricts the market competitiveness of medium and high-end products. We will effectively solve the problem of likeness in form but not in spirit

eager for success

we must objectively admit that although China's machine tool industry has made great progress in recent years, it is relative to our past. As a matter of fact, there is still a big gap between China and the powerful machine tool manufacturing countries. It takes great efforts to narrow the gap. In particular, we need to calm down, be calm, be willing to be lonely, and do a lot of solid basic work at the bottom

at present, the mentality and emotion of being eager for success or even quick success and instant benefit both inside and outside the industry are very harmful. In particular, this tendency within the industry is more harmful. There are two main manifestations of the so-called tendency to be impatient for success at this stage: one is to be satisfied with what one can do, and the other is to try to dominate the world

first, let's talk about the first performance. On the one hand, we admit that compared with the past, we can do many things that we couldn't do in the past. Here we mainly refer to some high-end products, such as some large-size/large tonnage products, some multi axis linkage products, and some multi process composite products

but on the other hand, we must also admit that not many of our high-end products are really achieving good application results among users, and few have formed a certain market size (share). A considerable number of products are only at the initial stage of being able to do well, and there is a big gap between being good and making features. This situation is not a problem in itself, because it is a stage of development that we must go through. The problem is that we can not just be satisfied with this stage, or even stop at this stage for a long time

the industry has learned many lessons in this area in the past, but these performances are still many. After making a prototype (often these prototypes only achieve some basic functions and specifications, so they are only preliminary results), they unrealistically hype about breaking the monopoly, breaking the blockade, reaching the contemporary international leading level, and so on. The result is to identify and win the prize, complete the work, put the preliminary results on the shelf, and rush to devote attention and resources to new and more fashionable projects. This cycle not only causes a huge waste of R & D resources, but also makes us unable to achieve a breakthrough in industrialized technology and market application for a long time

in view of this, it is specially pointed out in the key points of the work that we should realize the essential leap from being able to do well. In fact, the difference between being able to do well and being able to do well is not a gap in quantity, but an essential difference. We must understand the problem in this way, because only in this way can we attract enough attention and devote enough attention and resources to achieve this leap

let's talk about the second performance, that is, the tendency to dominate the world. With the rapid development of industrial enterprises, the continuous expansion of economic scale and the improvement of innovation ability, the pride and self-confidence of industrial enterprises have also been greatly enhanced, so they want to do everything, The tendency to do everything has shown itself in varying degrees, he said: "The manufacturing industry is actually in a golden period of job creation since the 1990s.

especially in the past five years, this kind of performance is relatively prominent. Under the guidance of this ideological tendency, some industrial enterprises have taken a four pronged approach, resulting in the dispersion of resources. Not only the new direction has not been successfully realized, but also the original advantages have been weakened to a certain extent.

it should be said that this was originally a positive development trend Direction is a good thing, but the problem lies in grasping the degree of expansion, the scope and speed of expansion, following the law, paying attention to the foundation, developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and not divorced from reality. We must be clear that the resources of enterprises are limited, and their own advantages are limited. Limited resources can only be used for limited goals, and should be the goals with their own comparative advantages

for this reason, the key points of the work specifically point out that we should overcome the impulsive mood, do something and do nothing, fully learn from the successful experience created by enterprises in the industry, select the market direction of key breakthroughs on the basis of rational analysis of their own advantages and development potential, concentrate resources, focus on objectives, work deeply, adhere to long-term unremitting efforts, and truly make their own brands and characteristics. Facing the current situation and tasks, we should pay particular attention to this issue

fear of high-end

the understanding and attitude towards high-end market segments are generally shown as follows in the industry

first, they don't pay attention to it. They think that the market area is small in scale, large in investment and slow in effectiveness, especially the investment risk is large, so it can't be the focus of the enterprise's market strategy

second, they are afraid of difficulties and lack confidence and courage. They think that the requirements for machine tools and equipment in this field are too high, and we are far behind. This is a long-term goal, which cannot be taken as the key direction of enterprise management at this stage

third, the difficulty and difficulty of the market were not estimated and prepared enough, so they rushed to the battle, resulting in repeated defeats

fourth, this method has been approved by the international organization for Standardization ISO (R method a). It does not have enough understanding of the personalized demand characteristics of the market. It uses the traditional mode of operating medium - and low-end products and markets, and uses general-purpose products to deal with the market, etc

all these performances are incorrect understandings, attitudes and methods, which are the main obstacles for us to successfully enter the high-end segment market and the main factors restricting the breakthrough in the core manufacturing field of key industries. In response to the above performance, the key points of the work clearly suggest that industry enterprises, especially key backbone enterprises, should consciously combine enterprise objectives with national strategies, and take the initiative to undertake national and industrial responsibilities; Pay special attention to the close combination with users, deeply study and master the characteristics of users' processes, and strive to become users' process experts; It is necessary to accelerate the improvement of the comprehensive service capability for the medium and high-end markets and complete the role transformation from a simple commodity provider to a user craftsman. The breakthrough in this direction has been raised to the level that enterprises fulfill the national and industrial requirements

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