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The development of the machine tool industry is gradually approaching lean and intelligent. Wangyuanbing, general manager of jiayitong company, said that in 2011, China's machine tool industry (71 enterprises participated in the evaluation) was "two modernizations". The evaluation results of the integration development level showed that only 54.2% of the enterprises applied plan management, 11.3% of the enterprises applied ability ranking of key resource needs, 67.6% of the enterprises applied sales management, 59.2% of the enterprises applied sales management, and 50.7% of the enterprises applied budget management, 31.0% of the enterprises applied CRM, 15.5% of the enterprises realized the integrated application of business and finance, and 11.3% of the enterprises realized that the management department attached importance to the early market cultivation of new materials and promoted the automatic data exchange between the utilization system and the manufacturing execution system

it has the characteristics of complex product structure and production process, many parts and processing procedures, long process route and production cycle, and great difficulty in the preparation and regulation of parts production operation plan and product assembly plan. Machine tool enterprises are typical multi variety and small batch production enterprises

optimize the allocation of various resources in daily life in order to make machine tool enterprises adhere to continuous and balanced production to the greatest extent. In order to achieve the business objectives of delivery on time, quality and profit improvement, the enterprise can only ensure the realization of the above objectives by applying advanced production organization mode, erpmespdm and other information systems, reasonably organizing and optimizing production scheduling for the processing and assembly of various parts and components within the planning period until the general assembly and commissioning process of the machine tool, and collecting and disposing workshop production and operation information in real time

effectively promote the informatization of enterprise and even industrial chain management. Research and practice show that. Strengthening the construction of information integration platform and the optimization and reorganization of business model, business process and management system, and closely integrating them, is not only an important part of the integration of industrialization and informatization (informatization), but also an important way to solve the problems caused by plastics in machine tool industry and many industry development difficulties, enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry and realize transformation and upgrading

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