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The machine tool industry will continue the upsurge of overseas M & A.

from the perspective of enterprise management, mutual M & A is a conventional phenomenon. However, under the background of the international financial crisis, overseas M & A is setting off a new wave

since the decline of the international economic situation, there has been a voice that it is now a good time for domestic enterprises to press the "sales return" button to "bottom" overseas mergers and acquisitions. In fact, many enterprises do have this idea

therefore, how to guide enterprises to participate in international economic cooperation and competition has become the common focus of attention of enterprise leaders and managers from all walks of life. Not long ago, the "seminar on overseas M & a strategy" was organized by the Institute of economic system and management of the national development and Reform Commission and the office of the academic committee of the national development and Reform Commission. This meeting was held by Beijing No. 1 machine tool works Co., Ltd. because the case of Beiyi machine's acquisition of Germany Kebao is regarded as one of the more than ten successful international M & A projects in China's machine tool industry. Now, it seems that these successful overseas mergers and acquisitions have not only formed a good model in the machine tool industry, but also had an impact on ② bench wear experiment: experiments with parts or samples similar to parts on a bench simulating actual operating conditions have also spread to other industries

as the planner and direct participant of these overseas M & A projects in the machine tool industry, Liang Xunxun, honorary chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association, can be regarded as an authoritative person in this field. As for the current situation, Liang XunXin believes that although there are many similarities in overseas M & A in various industries, their characteristics are different. Therefore, different industries must be treated differently. In many industries, the overseas M & A and integration operation of the machine tool industry can be called a success. It seems that there are some desirable points for reference

from the deep level of the industry characteristics, the industry characteristics of the machine tool industry make it easier to start overseas acquisitions and have more opportunities

compared with other industries, the machine tool industry has three characteristics that deserve attention; First, the scale of the enterprise is relatively small (Taking Germany, the international leader in machine tool industry, for example, with an average number of employees of 127), which is easy to digest and master, and the total value of assets is not large; Second, family enterprises are in the majority. Most of them are technology-based. They have accumulated many technologies and have deep technical attainments. They have the strength of international brands. Third, most enterprises are not capital supported, and their ability to resist financial storms is weak

in fact, this feature is just suitable for the "taste" of Chinese enterprises. Because the main purpose of international M & A of China's machine tool enterprises: first, we seek international brands and improve the international competitive position of products; Second, establish and continue to develop international brands to continuously improve international competitiveness; Third, get ready-made international marketing network and go to sea by boat. The subsequent M & A projects use this M & a project as a springboard and bridgehead to provide international visibility, strengthen international exchanges and integrate into the international cycle; Fourth, improve the ability of operation and management; Fifthly, we should cultivate international business management technical and technical talents accordingly. On the contrary, it is particularly important to emphasize the overseas M & A objectives of China's machine tool enterprises. First, they do not simply pursue the expansion of production capacity; second, they do not engage in capital operation and simply pursue capital return

Liang xunquan cited an example of international integration that would cause waste of resources. Qinchuan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has purchased the factory Detroit in the United States. Detroit is a dense area of machinery manufacturing enterprises in the United States. Here, machine tool enterprises have the opportunity to access the most cutting-edge technical information in many user fields, which is conducive to the orientation of technology development with more market value. Here, there is a very broad market prospect worth exploring. Qinchuan machine tool may be looking at this point. After acquiring the Detroit enterprise, it invested 2million dollars to establish a sales development company in Detroit

in addition to the characteristics of the industry, Liang XunXin said that there was another important reason why the machine tool industry took the lead in overseas acquisitions of many industries. Since the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the machine tool industry has maintained relatively close ties with overseas enterprises

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