The introduction of CTP equipment by Deyang daily

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The introduction of CTP equipment in Deyang printing plant is an important means to survive.

the color newspaper printing Symposium hosted by Deyang printing plant and co organized by Beijing Kelei sunshine and Chengdu Yintong company was held in Deyang on the morning of August 15. Wangwanwen, the printing quality group of Sichuan Newspaper Association, huangwancheng, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Deyang society, Yang Xu, the general manager of Deyang printing plant, Li Xianyong, the general manager of Beijing Kelei sunshine, Yang Qiming, the general manager of Chengdu Yintong, and the heads of provincial and municipal newspaper printing enterprises in Sichuan Province, such as Neijiang and workers, attended the seminar. Huicong printing, as a media representative, was also sent to participate in the seminar

deyangshe printing factory has a long history. It was founded in 1949. For decades, it has been committed to the printing of books, newspapers and traditional packaging. It has advanced printing equipment such as Mitsubishi 3f-4d flat paper four-color offset printing machine in Japan, Italy wide six color satellite flexo printing machine, and has a branch in Wuhan. Due to historical reasons, it once withdrew from color newspaper printing. In 2008, with the support of superior leaders, it exceeded the customized formula of customers, Actively carry out technical transformation, and at the same time purchase Hangzhou Kelei TP plastic film and various physical and mechanical properties of rubber, wire and cable, waterproof coiled material, metal wire and other materials, 4632 large folio leiba thermal CTP equipment and Wuxi Baonan newspaper rotation equipment. In the words of Yang Xu, the general manager of the factory, it is a return to the Sichuan newspaper color newspaper printing family. It is understood that at present, the factory has undertaken to print newspapers and magazines such as Deyang and education weekly. The daily printing volume of Deyang can reach 50000 copies, and the highest can reach 100000 copies during the earthquake

At the symposium, general manager Yang Xu first extended a welcome to colleagues from the newspaper printing industry in surrounding cities on behalf of Deyang printing factory. He also said that as a newspaper printing enterprise, Deyang society printing factory should make every effort to enter newspaper printing, especially color newspaper printing. The purpose of holding this symposium is to make clear to colleagues that Deyang printing factory will actively integrate into the Sichuan newspaper printing family, and hope experienced colleagues to help more. On the other hand, it also listens to experts and colleagues' opinions on the printing quality of Deyang printed in the early morning of August 15

as the superior leader of Deyang printing factory, huangwancheng, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Deyang society, thanked colleagues of newspaper printing enterprises in surrounding provinces and cities for coming to the symposium, and welcomed everyone to give more valuable opinions on the newspaper quality, technical transformation, production and operation of Deyang printing factory

in his speech, Mr. Wang wanwen, leader of the printing quality group of Sichuan Newspaper Association, commented on Deyang printed in the early morning of August 15 and put forward pertinent opinions. Wang wanwen hopes that Deyang printing factory will improve the registration, ink balance, title spacing and other aspects, so that the quality of color newspaper printing can reach a higher level. Wangwanwen explained the relevant standards in his speech, and his comments were convincing

then, Li Xianyong, general manager of Hangzhou Kelei sunshine, introduced the current mainstream technology, characteristics and application of CTP equipment in China, as well as the basic situation of Hangzhou Kelei company and its research and development of CTP. Li Xianyong believes that at present, the bottleneck of CTP application (such as price) has been broken, and it will usher in the peak of application

in his speech, Yang Qiming, general manager of Chengdu Yintong, first congratulated Deyang printing factory on its return to the Sichuan newspaper printing family. He introduced the variety of products represented by the company (including Agfa consumables, Hangzhou Kelei CTP equipment, etc.), the company's advantages, market expansion strategies, etc. In his speech, he expressed his good will to form partners with the guests and seek common development

next, people in charge of newspaper printing houses such as Neijiang expressed their opinions on color printing from their respective perspectives

at the same time, the heads of printing plants around the country also affirmed that Deyang printing plant actively carried out technological transformation, and the introduction of advanced CTP silane coupling agent and titanate coupling agent are the two most widely used coupling agent equipment. This kind of practice of daring to take the lead in the world and seizing the market opportunity, and believed that with the introduction of CTP equipment by Deyang printing plant and the holding of this symposium, in the future, More printing enterprises in Sichuan will recognize the importance of CTP equipment for improving production efficiency and improving the quality of printed matter

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