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Hengfangda: build the international standard of medical PVC particles with strength

spring of 1992 4. The hydraulic pulsator is the mechanism that produces high-pressure pulsating oil, which left a deep impression on the Chinese people who like to elaborate on the history, so that in many later memories, the whole year is spring. Deng Xiaoping's unusual Southern tour whirlwind not only caused unprecedented political shock, but also formed a strong appeal in the fact that economic renewable resources and circular economy have become social resonance. Those who are familiar with China's national conditions have smelled out huge business opportunities. Obviously, an opportunity for rapid development has emerged. Mr. wuxiaobo, a famous financial writer, used this passage to comment on a colorful year in China's reform history. Indeed, the unprecedented enthusiasm for running companies across the country after the southern tour strongly confirms the accuracy of this paragraph

in this group of images that are familiar with China's national conditions, there is our hero today, Mr. Lufeng, general manager of Hengfang large polymer material technology Co., Ltd. Taking advantage of this spring breeze and based on the hot land of reform and opening up in Shenzhen, in 1993, he founded a company with a professional background in polymer and began to develop, produce and sell food grade PVC pellets. In the process of continuous development of the enterprise, he gave his career a clear and forward-looking positioning as a professional supplier of medical PVC particles

said that his positioning is clear, which is undoubtedly focused on the medical field while focusing on PVC; Why is he forward-looking? This has to be commented from today's medical market: China's medical PVC materials have grown from scratch, and are now facing a great opportunity for higher and broader market development. As an enterprise specializing in PVC modification industry, hengfangda's 20-year accumulation has promoted the product transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. In the medical field, care for health and serve the public. Hengfangda's entry into this industry (4) belt and tension industry is naturally a very meaningful career

ensuring safety and adhering to innovation

after entering this field, how to achieve development and growth is not a simple matter. As long as it is related to the medical and health field, the market will have high requirements for its quality. Why can hengfangda's products meet the challenges in this field

this has to improve hengfangda's business philosophy and integrity. As a supplier in the medical and health field, safety is the first and above all. To do this, we must first be professional, second, ensure, and third, adhere to. Hengfangda has implemented strict standardized management in all aspects of technology, materials, production and quality control, so as to ensure that our products are safe and negative products. When talking about this, President Lu, who was still smiling before, began to look dignified. Therefore, even in the face of temporary interests and pressure, we also warned ourselves to be consistent and not to be changed

in addition to the security advantages mentioned above, in the process of product research and development, hengfangda adheres to the vision of the establishment of the Alliance for technological innovation and industrialization of new chemical materials of the international Chinese Academy of Sciences, does not follow the old path of low-cost and homogeneous competition, adheres to the advantages of innovation, and accumulates a lot. When it comes to product innovation, Mr. Lu is a treasure: we have developed seven series and more than 200 varieties of products, which basically cover all application fields of medical PVC pellets. Such a rich product line is rare at home and abroad; Moreover, hengfangda has developed and reserved a number of proprietary technology products in medical materials such as steam sterilization, ray sterilization and non-o-phthalic PVC, which not only makes hengfangda a strategic partner and valuable supplier of domestic and foreign industry giants and an enterprise with comprehensive competitiveness made in China, but also makes hengfangda an international standard in this field

based on domestic and international

iron shoulder morality, wonderful technology innovation. In the first half of this year, Evergrande opened the door to the Japanese medical market with its product system of stable quality, high cost performance and covering the whole field of medical PVC consumables. In April 2013, Evergrande reached a strategic cooperation intention and held a cooperation signing ceremony with Shenzhen hezhixin company on the cooperative development of the Japanese medical PVC pellet market

Japanese customers have high requirements for quality, reputation and service quality, and it is extremely difficult for Chinese medical PVC modified granulation to enter the Japanese market. The entry of Hengfang products into the Japanese market is a breakthrough in the domestic industry, which means that Hengfang Daquan mask has prepared the basic conditions for entering the European, American and Japanese markets, and has taken a key step for enterprises to achieve a foothold at home and enter the international market. President Lu was deeply impressed by this critical step: the medical consumables market in Japan has always been very strict, and the standards are higher than those in Europe and the United States. However, since its establishment, hengfangda has formulated a market development strategy based on domestic and international development. We should not only become a domestic first-class enterprise, but also an enterprise with international comprehensive competitiveness, and enter the international supply chain of multinational companies, so that hengfangda can truly become an international brand. This is the business policy we adhere to. This road is very hard, but very solid

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