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Universal group glass company introduced process technology and achieved results

the 7# furnace in the second melting workshop of glass company has been shut down for many times, and due to the particularity of the production of opal, the liquid level of the pool wall brick of the kiln has been eroded greatly, which has serious potential safety hazards. It is ready to shut down for overhaul

The original static equilibrium stress dispersion is affected by the correction of

The leaders of the company have been in-depth on-site for many times to analyze and discuss with relevant technical personnel. For example, if the overhaul plan is adopted, it will take 44 tons to use 33 # fused zirconia corundum bricks with inclined pouring for the pool wall alone, and the material cost alone is nearly 800000 yuan. Moreover, the kilns that produce opal can only be used for two years. The overhaul takes a long time and costs a lot. In view of the great value of the current kilns, the company decided to introduce a new horizontal cutting process to carry out medium-term repair for 7 # furnaces, Make full use of the residual value of its refractory materials

in fact, the eroded part of the pool wall in the kiln only accounts for a quarter of the pool wall bricks. Horizontal cutting, which uses a piston rod to push the ball screw out by 150mm, and the upper and lower materials can also be added to all layers of the multi-layer structure. The new process is to use a professional horizontal cutting machine to cut only the eroded part of the pool wall in the kiln, and then use fused zirconium corundum bricks of the same height to make up the cut part, That is to say, cut the highly eroded part of the pool wall at the liquid level to a height of 300mm, and then pour 33# fused zirconium at the same height without shrinkage. About the short-circuit problem of the electronic universal testing machine, the fused zirconium corundum brick is made up. In this way, only 4.5 tons of fused zirconium corundum brick is needed, and the material cost is more than 100000 yuan. According to statistics, this item alone can save the company more than 680000 yuan in material costs. The most important thing is that the replaced fused zirconia corundum brick is more corrosion-resistant than before, and the kiln age can be extended for another two years on the original basis, which can fully meet the production needs of milky white

the adoption of this new horizontal cutting process is the first in the group company, which improves the service life of the kiln and saves maintenance costs. The repaired and improved kiln has been officially put into operation and is in good operation so far

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