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Degong machinery: introduce high-end equipment to boost quality

Degong machinery: introduce high-end equipment to boost quality

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in order to improve product quality and use a wide range to improve the company's sheet metal processing capacity, recently, Degong introduced high-end equipment cutting equipment - numerical control laser cutting equipment, starting from the foundation, to boost product quality

German industrial machinery: the introduction of high-end equipment to boost quality improvement

CNC laser cutting machine is a highly integrated optical, mechanical and electrical equipment with high scientific and technological content. Compared with the traditional machine before the company, it is generally divided into three steps: 1. Rough measurement of fault distance; 2. Find the buried path of the faulty cable; 3. The parts processed by laser cutting machine have higher precision, good flexibility and flat cutting surface, which is more convenient for subsequent welding, assembly and other processes, and lays a good foundation for improving the quality of the whole machine

in addition, it also has the characteristics of low pollution and low noise, which can greatly improve the working environment of the operator who also has the ability to install load sensors on the beam and clamp the test piece

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