The international standard for wind turbine blades

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The international standard for wind turbine blades has been finalized

recently, the first international standard setting meeting for wind turbine blades was held in Zhongshan City. The meeting mainly finalized the technical contents of "wind turbine blade" design, the inevitable influence of gap factors in the intermediate transmission link of materials, materials, processes, production, test methods, hoisting, installation, transportation, maintenance and so on. This meeting is of great significance to enhance the brand value, reputation and industry authority of Zhongshan enterprises. Through close participation in the formulation of the most authoritative international standards in the industry, it will help guide the blade research and development, product development and certification strategy adjustment of relevant enterprises in Zhongshan, and enhance the voice of enterprises in standardization activities It plays a positive role in grasping the latest trend of wind power technology development and expanding its popularity and market influence at home and abroad

Allowable weight of test piece: 2t

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