The International Symposium on testing methods of

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The International Symposium on testing methods of biopolymers was held in September. In order to explore the possibility of standardization of testing methods, make domestic standards closely follow and surpass the international level, and avoid standards barriers in future international trade, the professional committee of degradable plastics of China Plastics Association and the biodegradable materials working group (BMG) of the National Center for standardization of plastic products, An International Symposium on biodegradable materials that can significantly reduce the cost of 3D printing and the evaluation system of bio based polymers will be held at Beijing Industrial and Commercial University on September 21, 2005

she went on to say that the foreign experts invited to the meeting were Professor Narayan of Michigan State University, who can improve the operation, Professor Koichi Yamashita of the Japanese Institute of physics and chemistry, Professor Kiwa of the Japanese Institute of advanced industry synthesis, and domestic experts included researcher Dong Lisong of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Song cunjiang of Tianjin Nankai University, Professor Feng Zengguo of Beijing University of technology Professor Hu Ping of Tsinghua University, researcher Cao Amin of Shanghai Institute of organic Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chen Xuejun, deputy general manager of Ningbo Tian'an biomaterials Co., Ltd

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