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Space-e cad/cam system is a software system independently developed by Hitachi shipbuilding Information System Co., Ltd. in Japan, which is dedicated to mold design and manufacturing. It is one of the internationally famous and excellent mold design and processing systems, and is extremely suitable for mold enterprises. The main features of space-e cad/cam system are:

ACE-E has good surface modeling and solid modeling and functions. It can carry out mixed modeling between solids and surfaces, generate variable radius guide fillets on the edges of solids and surfaces, and have automatic guidance, automatically cut at the intersection and generate smooth halo surfaces, which can greatly improve the modeling speed; There are automatic stitching and boundary replacement functions between surface boundaries, which are used to repair the errors caused by surface generation and graphic conversion, so that the designed geometric shape is uniform, smooth and seamless, which is very conducive to parting and improving machining accuracy; Making a smooth halo surface at the intersection of N surfaces can be easily completed in space-e, which is also a key problem in mold design; ACE-E CAD system has special functions for mold design while attracting investment:

A. It can easily complete the modeling of the cavity by extracting the shell behind different walls of the entity;

B. set the draft angle of the overall mold according to the specified direction, which greatly reduces the design workload;

C. generate the parting line in the specified direction and the parting surface. With the help of relevant operations, you can quickly parting and generate the upper and lower mold cavity shapes;

D. complete the separation of core and cavity in the CAD design process;

E. automatically generate electrodes according to the geometry of the finishing part.

these special functions provided for mold design will play an important role in improving design quality, shortening design cycle and enhancing product competitiveness in mold design;

ACE-E cam is fully integrated with CAD, and you can enter cam for process programming immediately after modeling, without any conversion; ACE-E cam system is also very characteristic, which is conducive to code programming. Its main characteristics are:

ACE-E cam is one of the few CAM systems in the world that can be equipped with cardboard compression tester and carton compression machine for high-speed milling. The tool speed can reach tens of thousands of revolutions. In order to achieve the purpose of high-speed cutting, the cam system provides a variety of tool advance and withdrawal methods, such as vertical, oblique, spiral and empty cutting At the same time, it deals with long-distance linear cutting, corners, changing the cutting direction and machining parameters to ensure the smooth completion of high-speed cutting; ACE-E cam provides a good human-machine interaction interface. Under the guidance of the menu, it can easily complete the setting of tool walking, tool and various process parameters until the completion of NC code programming; ACE-E cam not only provides various commonly used tool paths (contour, parallel, etc. for rough and finish machining), but also provides a variety of edge machining, which is of great significance to improve the machining accuracy of the guide circle part and root of the mold cavity and reduce the workload of fitters; Other special machining methods, such as contour machining and projection machining, are important methods to improve the processing speed of molds

The pressing mechanism in the metal single crystal in the diamond cone includes plastic deformation and elastic recovery with slip or dislocation movement

ace-e cam can complete various hole processing while completing the mold cavity processing, such as center drilling, deep hole drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, etc., which can greatly shorten the processing cycle according to the statistics of relevant departments; ACE-E cam can set different machining centers and different control systems through post-processing procedures, and it can be set for permanent use at one time; ACE-E cam provides a variety of inspection methods and tools for the tool path generated by the computer, so that users can easily get the correct and complex machining path. ACE-E CAD has good file conversion ability, which can convert IGES, DXF, BMI, VDS, ACIS, step, etc. (some can be read directly). Users can use molds designed on different CAD systems and use the excellent processing and programming ability of space-e cam to realize the processing and production of molds; Space-e cad/cam system is a complete and integrated special system for mold design and processing. It is very distinctive and unique. Good performance price ratio. It is expected that China's mold enterprises will pay attention to it, study it and use it, so as to improve the technical level of China's mold industry and the competitiveness of the international mold market

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