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According to foreign media reports, when was the last time you tested the tire pressure of a car? Maybe this question will scratch your head. Last week, the gas Maintenance Technology Department of Goodyear tire company unveiled the latest science and technology at the German auto show - self inflating tires, and self inflating truck tires of commercial nature will be tested for the first time, but it still needs a certain testing process to be really put into the commercial field

the working principle diagram of the self inflating tire newly developed by Goodyear Tire Company of the United States

as shown in the figure, when the tire pressure drops to the preset value, a regulator in the tire will open to let air flow into the suction pipe. When the car starts rolling the tire, the tire deformation will flatten the suction pipe, draw air through the tire into the intake valve, and then into the tire

in this latest technology, Goodyear Tire Company eliminates the need for "external tire pressure intervention". In addition to the difficulty of interventional inflation, the maintenance of pneumatic tires is a key factor to save fuel and tire life. For example, for every 10 pounds/square inch tire loss, the number of miles per gallon will be 1% of the tire pressure loss

Goodyear Tire Company calculated that the loss per mile per gallon was 1%, especially for our zero based employees, the car drove 6.6 miles per gallon, and the diesel price per gallon was $4.1. Driving 100000 miles a year was equivalent to a loss of $627 a year. Tires with good inflation can last longer and better adapt to ground conditions

although this kind of self inflating tire is not marked with a specific price at present, researchers have a firm determination to encourage, support and guide the development of non-public economy. They evaluate that it can effectively save fuel and reduce the price of tire conversion costs. At the same time, this technology can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions by saving fuel. In the future, people no longer need to consider how to detect the tire pressure you and I feel, which will enable people to drive longer distances

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