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The University of Madrid in Spain has developed a new technology: just a simple color sensor and a metal or non-metallic impurity on the surface of parts (for example, the freshness of beer can be detected by the android app without removing all the sealed grease, paint marks, scribed coloring and copper traces. It is simple, fast and accurate as the gas chromatograph.

unlike wine, beer has no shelf life. But it will not be fresh and become a mixture with bad taste. Breweries really should not buy this kind of wine into stores or bars. Although beer has been tested for freshness earlier, it usually involves expensive And spend a lot of time on testing. However, a simple color sensor and an android app can replace these test devices. The technology developed by the University of Madrid in Spain combines small polymer disks containing derivatives of the organic compound aniline. That is, it is only effective to import this derivative from up, and the derivative of our previous work reacts with another compound, and the amount of this compound increases with the extension of time after beer production. As we all know, as the amount of furfural increases, the color of the disk will change from yellow to pink

for the first time, users openly use disk to detect beer samples, and then take photos with smart app. The color app based on photos will analyze the color of wine to determine the freshness rating. If the polymer also turns pink, the beer will be considered expired and cannot be drunk

in the laboratory, beer made in different periods of time is tested, and the test results are almost the same with those of this new technology using more complex gas chromatography and mass spectrometry equipment

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