The latest seven developments in global mass spect

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The latest seven developments in global mass spectrometry technology

recently, foreign media have reviewed the latest seven developments in global mass spectrometry technology, such as new product release, product upgrade, mass spectrometry cooperation, or software development. All the world-renowned mass spectrometry manufacturers such as water world, Agilent, Brooke, Thermo Fisher, ab SCIEX are on the list

1. Rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry (Reims) will change surgery

recently, waters announced the acquisition of the rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry (Reims) technology of medimass. Reims is an ionization technology, which can be used as an ion source for direct injection analysis of mass spectrometer. It is reported that Reims technology can help realize "intelligent knife" or "iknife" - a conceptual device that allows and batch manufactures the new version of F (1) 50 pickup truck mass spectrometry of Ford Motor Company to play a greater role in clinical diagnosis research, and is expected to be applied to real-time diagnosis in surgery in the future

2. The newly designed gc/ms/ms ion source realizes the detection limit of AK level

Agilent technology recently announced the launch of the 7010 triple quadrupole gas chromatography mass spectrometry system, which is equipped with a newly designed ion source, which is fundamentally different from the conventional ion source on the market at present. This new high-efficiency electron ionization (EI) ionization source can reach the detection limit of Attogram level - ahead of other EI ion source gc/ms/ms systems on the market

3. Ultra high resolution and enhanced analytical performance

the new impact II system is the latest member of Brooke's unique uhr-qtof mass spectrometry product line, with the industry-leading 50000 full sensitivity resolution (FSR). In the fields of proteomics, biomarker research, impurity identification, and residue screening, trace analysis in complex and high background matrices is a great challenge at present. Impact II system can greatly improve the analytical performance of the above challenges

4. Faster and accurate quality analysis for proteomic research

nowadays, proteomic research continues to pursue breakthroughs, not only to have high scanning speed, but also to have high data quality. The latest addition of Q exactive HF liquid phase mass spectrometry, a new member of the Q exactive family with industry leadership, meets this demand. In order to create a new Q exactive HF system, semefi added an ultra-high field Orbitrap mass analyzer to the existing Q exactive plus liquid platform

5、 "Big data" for quantitative proteomic analysis "Solution

ab SCIEX today announced the launch of tripletof 6600 system equipped with swath? Acquisition Technology 2.0. This high-resolution, accurate quality mass spectrometry system, combined with the latest swath? Acquisition Technology 2.0, has brought new strength to the challenges of proteomic data in the field of advanced biomarker discovery and systems biology.

6. Desi Technology for clinical mass spectrometry is expected to be fully put into operation by the end of 2019 Progress in technology

at present, Waterworld has signed a contract with prosolia, involving the exclusive right to use desi Technology (analytical electrospray spray ionization) in clinical research applications. This technology will be used by Waterworld, including synapt? G2 Si and Xevo G2 XS QTOF

7. Improve the data analysis process for biopharmaceutical mass spectrometry users

genedata recently announced a new version of genedata expressionist mass spectrometry software, which will help mass spectrometry users to express faster at all stages of biopharmaceutical research and development, as well as the automation and standardization of data analysis workflow

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