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The emergence of new self-healing plastics or the transformation of waste plastic recycling

the research efforts of ludvik liebler, a material scientist from escpi college in Paris, may change the existing plastic industry. The new plastic vitrimers he studied can let us no longer worry about the screen becoming a "spider"

the new plastic vitrimers has very unique properties: after it is broken, it only needs a chemical catalyst, and then it can be heated to melt and remove the broken part and change it back to its original state

thermoplastic melts and molds when heated, and solidifies and forms after cooling; Thermosetting plastics will retain their shape even when heated after curing. Vitrimers combines the characteristics of these two plastic types, maintaining shape when heated, and can be reorganized infinitely

liebler's work won him the 2015 inventor award in the research field of EPO (European Patent Office), and is expected to have a wide-ranging and revolutionary impact, which may make existing plastics obsolete

this research has greatly improved the service life of plastics. Will it affect the recycling of waste plastics? This fear is unnecessary

first of all, there is still a long way to go before a new technology is developed and put into actual production. At present, the new plastic vitrimers has not been put into practice. My friends, please put it where you can see it. Our waste plastic makes the annual production capacity of enterprise membrane materials reach 17 million square meters. EU regulations stipulate how to recycle it or how to recycle it

in addition, researcher liebler introduced that the primary application field of the new plastic vitrimers will be in the transportation industry, such as automobiles, aircraft and other applications that need ductile materials. It seems that most of these are engineering plastics, and the waste plastics we recycle are generally general-purpose plastics, so the impact should be small

new plastics can be repaired, improve durability, reduce consumption, and reduce production. Naturally, it is also good news for energy conservation and emission reduction, which is also good for environmental protection. This is a little far fetched, or will we recycle waste plastics. Although the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, new technologies and new materials emerge in endlessly, and even self-healing plastics are about to appear, Yangzi Research Institute of waste plastics also explores the recycling of waste plastics in the field of environmental friendly water-based coatings. Because when there is new, there is old, and when there is old, there is our renewable resources for recycling

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