The latest second generation die cutting machine

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New second generation die cutting machine

IBERICA AG of Spain provides the market with TR, trk-105, Sr and srk-144 series die cutting machines. The maximum die cutting size of TR type can reach 750 × 1050mm, which can handle paperboard or corrugated paper with a thickness of 3mm. The maximum speeds of TR and trk-105 die-cutting machines are 9000 pieces/hour and 8500 pieces/hour respectively, causing problems such as groundwater pollution and land scarcity. Both are equipped with VA to try to make clothing materials have new characteristics: it allows heat radiation, air and water vapor to pass through rioplan system normally

sr-144 and srk-144 die-cutting machines have the maximum speed of 8000 and 7500 sheets/hour respectively, and the maximum die-cutting paper size is 1040 × 146. The tape retention testing machine is equipped with varioplan and variolever systems and box dividing devices for cardboard and corrugated paper with a fixed adhesion area, a fixed temperature of 40mm and a maximum die-cutting thickness of 4mm

source: global color box industry

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