The factory price of domestic plastic PVC on April

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On April 7, the factory price of domestic plastic PVC

Qilu Petrochemical (s700) 7900

Tianjin LG (tl-1000) 7950

Sichuan Jinlu (SG) 7700

2 Change the relative variation of the indicating value of the experimental machine by no more than 1%. Shandong Bohui 7400

Jining Bank of China 7500

Shandong Hengtong 7500 is also inseparable from the packaging of the sealing machine equipment

southeast electrochemical 78iso7500 ⑴ ⑵ 006 "identification of static uniaxial experimental machine" 00

tomorrow Technology 7400

Zhejiang Juhua 7600

Inner Mongolia Sanlian 7300

Suzhou HuaSu/pvc (hs-1000), Powder 8200

Hubei Yihua 7500

Qingdao Haijing 7600

Hebei Canghua (SG) 7600

Beijing Huaer (SG) press the "swing" button 8000

Tianjin Chemical (SG) 7500

Fujian second chemical (SG) 7800

Jinhua Group (SG) 7900

Yibin Tianyuan (SG) 7700

Hawar (SG) 7600

Wuhan Xianglong (SG) 7350

Anhui chlor alkali (SG) 7500

Xi'an Chemical (SG) 7900

Bank of China electrochemical (SG) 7500

Zunyi soda plant (SG) 7600

Dagu chemical (SG) 7900

Hangzhou electrochemical (SG) 7650

Shanghai chlor alkali (ws800) 8150

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